NVIDIA A2 Tensor Core GPU

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Accelerate your analytics with the power of NVIDIA A2 and speed up developments, run larger models and explore complex data sets for higher-performing results.

Better Inference Performance

Intelligent Memory

Low Power Consumption

Flexible Billing


Performance, Efficiency and Power in a Single Accelerator

Iterate quickly and scale more easily

Iterate quickly and scale more easily

  • Deliver more effective deployments having up to 1.6x better price-performance and 10% higher energy efficiency than former GPU generations.
  • Employ versatile inference acceleration to any server with a low 40-60W customizable thermal design power (TDP) and low-profile PCIe Gen4 card capabilities.
  • Handle the most challenging intensive computation in 3D graphics and enhance performance for demanding workloads to create a better experience for your project.
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Secure Data Centers

Leverage our highly secure and scalable data centers with multiple entry authorization levels, including biometric scanning and badges.


Fully Pay-as-you-go

Enjoy the benefits of flexible and predictable billing as well as take advantage of pay-as-you-go pricing on your GPU usage.


Powerful Infrastructure

Manage parallel processing readily and handle complex workloads smoothly with NVIDIA-accelerated cloud GPUs with a robust infrastructure.


Simplify Complex Use Cases

Lower the barriers for complex applications with Ace A2 GPU, like machine learning, AI, and video streaming and simply focus on your core expertise.


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Data Centers




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Harness the Power of GPUs to Accelerate Analytics Processing

GPUs have been the most powerful computing engines for accelerating workloads that involve complex computations and that drive innovation in business and science. Since then, GPUs have overcome the limitations of slow computing time and lower efficiency to handle massive datasets and provide developers and analysts with a seamless experience.


Cloud GPUs: The Cornerstone of Modern AI

Machine learning and AI provide businesses with a competitive edge. These technologies help gain insight into massive data collections, the facilitation of medical forecasts, and the enhancement of predictive maintenance in manufacturing, to name a few.


NVIDIA Gears Up For AI-Driven Future with the Tensor Core A100 GPU

To meet a future where every facet of our lives is augmented and intertwined with artificial intelligence (AI), we need a four times more powerful solution than today’s best accelerators.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Resources to help drive your business forward faster

NVIDIA A2 is an advanced GPU with Tensor Cores, designed to accelerate the performance of deep learning and machine learning workloads.

NVIDIA A2 features include Tensor Cores, third-generation NVLink, PCIe Gen 4, RT Cores, multi-instance GPU, and up to 80 GB of HBM2 memory.

NVIDIA A2 provides faster performance, lower latency, higher throughput, and increased productivity, making it ideal for deep learning workloads.

Setting up NVIDIA A2 GPU on ACE Cloud is easy. First, sign up for ACE Cloud, choose NVIDIA A2 GPU as your preferred GPU, and create a new virtual machine with the desired configuration.

You can install and run popular deep learning frameworks such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, and MXNet on NVIDIA A2. ACE Cloud offers pre-configured VMs for deep learning workloads.

The NVIDIA A2 GPU price on ACE Cloud depends on factors such as location, storage needs, and usage. Contact ACE Cloud for a customized quote.

The technical specifications of NVIDIA A2 GPU on ACE Cloud include 80 GB of HBM2 memory, 1568 CUDA Cores, 64 Tensor Cores, and 1.5 GHz base clock.

You can upgrade the GPU quota for NVIDIA A2 on ACE Cloud by submitting a ticket to the support team. The upgrade is typically approved within 24 hours.

Yes, NVIDIA A2 can be used for other workloads besides deep learning. However, it is optimized for deep learning workloads.

Yes, NVIDIA A2 can be used for other workloads besides deep learning. However, it is optimized for deep learning workloads.

Ace NVIDIA A2 has 10 RT Cores.

Yes, as long as there are enough PCI slots, you can fit two separate GPUs into a single computer.

Yes, you can enjoy hourly billing for Ace NVIDIA A2 GPU.

Pay $1 for payment verification and complete mandatory KYC process. After successful verification, your wallet will be credited with $301 free credits, which are valid for 7 days.

No, bottlenecking does not harm your computer’s components, including the CPU and GPU. Overvolting your CPU and GPU might damage them.

Yes, Ace NVIDIA A2 is compatible with any CPU. However, an older CPU might slow down the GPU.

You can ask support team to increase your GPU quota. Your request will be approved within 24 hours, and you can resume your work at your convenience.

Ace Cloud offers other GPU machines like NVIDIA A30 and NVIDIA A100 besides NVIDIA A2.

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