Firewall as a Service

Regulate network traffic and secure data

Combat network blindness, internet blackouts by stacking third-party cloud firewalls on our public cloud network branches and build surveillance-rich architecture with the PCI-DSS certified services.









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    Embed Cloud-based Firewall using BYOL and tighten network boundaries

    Firewall as a service


    Get started with ACE console to deploy firewall in a single click and further apply policies to protect your VPNs.

    We leverage Network Traffic Control (NTC) to maintain a strong cybersecurity posture, endpoint visibility, and insights into identity-based access.

    ACE BYOL enables clients to use on-premises software licenses to have a similar, highly automated IaaS experience.

    Synchronize network traffic and expand security at no extra cost

    FWaaS Pricing

    Choose Location:

    Flavor Name Network vCPU RAM Price Per Hour ($) Price Per Month ($)
    N.1(500 Mbps guaranteed)24 gb$0.07$45
    N.2(500 Mbps guaranteed)28 gb$0.08$55
    N.3(500 Mbps guaranteed)48 gb$0.10$65
    N.4(500 Mbps guaranteed)412 gb$0.12$75
    N.5(500 Mbps guaranteed)812 gb$0.13$85
    N.6(500 Mbps guaranteed)816 gb$0.15$95
    N.7(upto 1 Gbps)1216 gb$0.23$150
    N.8(upto 1 Gbps)1220 gb$0.26$170
    N.9(upto 1 Gbps)1620 gb$0.29$190
    N.10(upto 1 Gbps)1624 gb$0.32$210
    N.11(upto 2 Gbps)2432 gb$0.49$320
    N.12(upto 2 Gbps)2448 gb$0.54$350
    cpu intensive cloud

    CPU Intensive Cloud

    Dedicated Virtual Machines with high vCPU core and CPU contention ratio for applications that require high-frequency computing, processes parallel workloads and has less noise neighbourhood issues.

    Flavor Name vCPU RAM Network Price Per Hour ($)
    C.8 2 8 100 Mbps Guaranteed 0.10
    C.8 2 8 100 Mbps Guaranteed 0.10
    C.8 2 8 100 Mbps Guaranteed 0.10

    $30/ mo

    $70.5/ mo

    $90/ mo

    $100/ mo

    Why ACE as your Firewall as a Service Provider?

    Prevent cyber-attacks from hitting your cloud environment with edge security gateways.

    dns-control with FWaaS
    Application Management with network firewall

    Why ACE as your Firewall as a Service Provider?

    Prevent cyber-attacks from hitting your cloud environment with edge security gateways.

    How does Network Firewall Works?

    flow chart
    Ace Firewall
    Manage multiple
    Ace Firewall deployments
    • Transit Gateway
    • Site-to-site VPN
    • Ace Direct Connect
    • Internet Gateway (IGW)

    All requests entering and leaving the VPC through the gateways can be routed through

    Ace Firewall
    ACE Firewall

    Inspects and Filters all traffic entering

    ACE Firewall
    • Create a Policy
    • Block and Filter
    • Monitor
    • Private Subnets
    • Public Subnets

    Requests from resources in a VPC subnets can be routed through

    Ace Firewall

    First before routing to IGW

    • Ace &3
    • Ace Kinesis
    • Ace Cloud Watch
    • Integrated
      Partner Solutions
    Ace Firewall Logs published

    ACE Network Firewall Partners

    FWaaS Use Cases

    Extend cloud protection and manage threat response at top speed.

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    Let us address the most common questions you have about Firewall as a Service

    ACE helps you eliminate the need for external security equipment and regulate traffic between virtual machine instances.

    Definitely, ACE provides hierarchical firewall policies to assist you in establishing security policies at the organisational and folder levels.

    We embed security features like TLS encryption, SSL certificates, DNS filtering and two factor authentication in all public cloud network branches.

    ACE console helps you deploy and manage firewall in a single click and acts as a safe conduit for data packets, provides entire protection in the public cloud with a range of security services like intrusion prevention, content filtering, and stateful packet inspection.

    No. Billing will continue even if you turn off the server until it is terminated or erased.

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