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Deliver platform-agnostic services with faster application deployment to host session-based desktops and pooled virtual machines.


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    RDS CAL (Client Access License)

    Gain ACH CAL to connect and embed the Remote Desktop Session role functionality into the Windows server for each user or device that directly or indirectly accesses the functionalities.

    With the licensing policies, you can keep critical intellectual property secure and simplify regulatory compliance to work remotely with the flexibility of a single interface.

    RDS CAL Pricing

    Remote Desktop License

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    • $8/user/month
    cpu intensive cloud

    CPU Intensive Cloud

    Dedicated Virtual Machines with high vCPU core and CPU contention ratio for applications that require high-frequency computing, processes parallel workloads and has less noise neighbourhood issues.

    Flavor Name vCPU RAM Network Price Per Hour ($)
    C.8 2 8 100 Mbps Guaranteed 0.10
    C.8 2 8 100 Mbps Guaranteed 0.10
    C.8 2 8 100 Mbps Guaranteed 0.10
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    Let us address the most common questions you have about RDS CAL

    If you don’t have the license, you can still test your servers for a given grace period. Once the grace period ends, you must have a valid RDS CAL issued by a registered license provider before you can log on to an RDS host server.

    There is a licensing grace period of 120 days during which no license is required.

    We provide RD CAL at the cost of $8/user/month.

    We provide server 2019 RD CAL version. Please note that the CAL version must correspond to the server software version it accesses.

    No, it can’t be cancelled once the payment is done.

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