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Boost your application reliability, and build multi-tenant network solutions with OpenStack technology and anti-DDoS protection.


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Fast track your cloud migration with our Network services


Load Balancer

Our load balancers distribute incoming traffic to multiple application nodes to ensure the health of a single server doesn’t impact the overall health of the application.

We guarantee 99.99% availability, simplified cloud-based application management, and improved private network performance.

Virtual Private Network

Configure new flexible private networks to shape your cloud connectivity, allowing you to design virtual switches on the fly through a secure connection.

Get more command and flexibility over resources, finetune workloads over time and customize your cloud environment as per the needs.

Virtual Private Network
Virtual Router as Cloud Networking Solution

Virtual Router

We set up virtual routers that help you configure virtual networks to route packets between the network and the internet.

You can deploy our virtual routers within minutes with low jitter, high-throughput and scale your resources elastically.

Floating IP

We offer floating IPs to help you give a dynamic identity to your instance and to distribute incoming network traffic across different nodes.

Our floating IPs grant flexibility that helps you easily manage complex projects simultaneously by balancing peak loads with minimal downtime.

Floating IP
Public IP

Public IP

ACE public IP addresses are internet routable and are used for communication between hosts outside the private network.

Use your device with our public IP to access the internet without Network Address Translation (NAT)

Nominal Network Pricing with High Performance Instances

Load Balancer (ex. GST/month)

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  • $16 / month
  • $0.022222 / hour
cpu intensive cloud

CPU Intensive Cloud

Dedicated Virtual Machines with high vCPU core and CPU contention ratio for applications that require high-frequency computing, processes parallel workloads and has less noise neighbourhood issues.

Flavor Name vCPU RAM Network Price Per Hour ($)
C.8 2 8 100 Mbps Guaranteed 0.10
C.8 2 8 100 Mbps Guaranteed 0.10
C.8 2 8 100 Mbps Guaranteed 0.10

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Scale cloud performance and build robust networks

cloud networking offers impenetrable-connectivity
recovery and backup with cloud network services

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Your data, Our expertise

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Expand growth. Increase efficiency

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Let us address the most common questions you have about cloud networking solutions

Yes, when NAT is enabled, the public gateway shares its public IPv4 address (also known as a flexible IP) with the instances connected to the private network, allowing them to connect to the internet.

In our cloud networking services, DNS (Domain Name System) manages the addressable resources of internet and translates a domain name into the appropriate IP address by looking up the DNS records of the requested domain.

Here at ACE, a DDoS defender filters malicious data streams to prevent denial of service attacks from overloading your IT infrastructure.

We offer protection for the DDoS attacks like excessive bandwidth, overloading of system resources, volumetric DDoS, ICMP (Ping) flood, SYN Flood, ping of death and many more.

You can use the ACH control panel or the API solution to dynamically create private networks and connect them to your instances.

In ACH, we support all protocols based on TCP like, database, HTTP, LDAP, IMAP and so on.

No, we don’t support IPv6 for external connections.

No, instances are always connected to private networks. This implies that private network interfaces will be visible on your instances without the need for a reboot.

Yes, you can configure IPv6 within private networks for generating a customized range and to utilize it, always ensure the netmask should be in /64, and a fc00::/7 unique local address (ULA) range.

Our load balancers distribute workloads among your servers, ensure application scaling to improve the performance and reliability of websites and other services.

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