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What is Public Cloud Computing?

Public Cloud Computing is a framework in which a service provider makes resources such as applications, virtual machines, or storage capabilities accessible to end-users. In simpler terms, the service provider for a public cloud shares the storage, hardware, and network devices with multiple users (also referred to as cloud “tenants”).
The ability to scale a system and provide on-demand resources makes it easier to pay only for the service you use rather than purchasing and hosting your own software assets. This is what makes Public Cloud cost-effective.
  • The Public Cloud Services are designed for compliance to offer a fast, flexible and secure cloud experience.
  • You get services with a reliable network and inexpensive operational overheads.
  • You don’t need to have bulky high-end servers for storage and data backup requirements.


Benefits of Public Cloud Services


Highly Secure

You can utilize our security tools to protect highly sensitive data. You can avoid unauthorized persons by setting customized security policies like two-factor authentication.



Public Cloud can elastically re-size computer resources. You can rely on the cloud for disaster recovery to back up data and applications in case of emergency or outage.


Easily Scalable

You get the ability to scale up or down the configurations while operating your applications and OS on our cloud infrastructure. You can scale storage, power, memory, or bandwidth anytime as needed.


High Performance

You can access cloud services with minimum effort to operate and manage services. You can lay hold of the Public Cloud model to help accelerate time to completion and convert ideas into discoveries.

Public Cloud Solutions By ACE

ACE offers customized Public Cloud Computing solutions using various open-source and commercial technologies such as OpenStack, CEPH, KVM, and more to build our OEM platform. With ACE’s Public Cloud, you can focus on your core business, while we maintain all their hardware, configurations for different servers, storage disks (SSD, hard disk), processor maintenance (CPU), technical requirements, RAM, etc. Every member of your team enjoys the remote working flexibility of cloud.
ACE Public Cloud solutions are cost-effective as it allows for a Pay-As-You-Go model. Our infrastructure is built in a malleable way to brace your business and harness the flexibility of on-demand resources from small to large-scale deployments. Our Public Cloud is an infinitely scalable platform that uses the cloud computing model to help your business attain superior infrastructure and high-performance data centers.

Use Cases
Of Public Cloud

There are numerous ways in which Public Cloud services benefit a business. Apart from the general benefits of cost-saving, scalability, and enhanced flexibility, Public Cloud solutions have practical use cases to enhance and optimize businesses.


Hosting Applications and Services

Businesses can host a variety of applications, games, softwares, and websites on the Public Cloud. Users can access these from anywhere, rather than relying on physical distribution.


Cloud Storage

Data storage remains the primary use case of Public Cloud for businesses of all sizes who want to outsource their server maintenance operations to reduce maintenance costs.


Worldwide Accessibility

We plan to offer relatively shorter time-to-market for businesses operating worldwide and help them be quickly available in the market.


Banking and Financial Sector

Businesses that demand utmost security and scalability can acquire benefits from secure and reliable Public Cloud services.

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Why ACE As Your Public Cloud Provider?

Award-Winning Services

Award-Winning Services

We have been awarded VMware India Award 2020, K2 Quality Award 2020, and many more. We have also collaborated with the top leaders in the industry and are renowned for our cloud services.

High Customer Satisfaction

High Customer Satisfaction

We have served 3000+ customers who have seen massive growth in their business. Moreover, we have been awarded User’s Favorite Award 2016 for the utmost customer satisfaction.

Superlative Experience and Exposure

Superlative Experience and Exposure

We have more than ten years of experience in the cloud domain. We provide services ranging from resources to network devices and have made a mark in powering 10,000 cloud servers to date.

Continuous Support

Continuous Support

We offer you ready-to-use servers with round-the-clock support via chat, phone, and email. We resolve your technical issues in significantly less time so that you can work with utmost efficiency.

Clients Reviews

5 Star rating 305 reviews (4.8 out of 5)

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the three types of cloud computing services?

Three types of cloud computing services are IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.

IaaS: Infrastructure as a Service offers you raw resources like servers, storage, or networking from a secure cloud data center.

PaaS: Platform as a Service provides an extra layer to IaaS, where you get an on-demand environment for the development and testing of various software or applications. Hence developers can work without worrying about infra, servers, or storage.

SaaS: Software as a Service offers various software or applications to end-users over the Internet. You can directly work on the application from your device as your cloud provider manages all the installation and infra required for the applications.

How long does it take to launch a server?

Within a few minutes, you can launch your server after signing up and creating an account with us.

What do I have to manage as a customer in public cloud computing services?

We offer you a “do it yourself” cloud platform to create the cloud server and manage the account yourself. You can install the desired applications or OS and scale configurations according to your requirements.

What solutions are provided with public cloud computing?

There are many solutions like you can operate Windows, Linux and deploy applications on the cloud. You can have block or object storage, data backups, create databases, and use load balancers to manage your load.

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