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Go Virtual With Fully Managed VDI Solutions

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Eliminate Your IT Hassles & Costs With Fully Managed VDI Services

We offer highly customizable virtual desktops created on a high-performance VDI platform.

This frees you from the cost and efforts required to deploy an in-house IT infrastructure.

Just contact our team, and we will take care of everything from desktop deployment, maintenance, to support.

End-to-end Management

ACE is a VDI Desktop provider offering fully managed desktops for the customers, wherein we take care of every desktop-related activity, including design, management, scaling, software updates, and security.

High Security

VDI-based desktops are protected under a multi-layered security environment with safeguards, such as endpoint protection, intrusion detection and prevention, OS patching, and antivirus management.

Superior User Experience

Avoid slower logins, connection breakage, and accessibility issues even from remote locations. With an experience similiar to windows, get even the missing capabilities of traditional systems on your personal devices.

Dedicated Support

Our team of VDI experts is available round the clock, ensuring a quick response and effective resolution to all your desktop-related issues. Get in touch with them for a free consultation of VDI Solutions via call, chat, or email.

Industry-Specific Services

We understand that every industry is different, so is their desktop requirement. Choose the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure solutions specific to your industry and customize the pricing plans as per your business's changing needs.

High Performance Desktop

Access all your applications on ACE's SSD-based High-Performance Virtual Desktop Solutions. Work efficiently on multiple assignments, projects, and apps having superior graphics without experiencing any performance issues.

Our Solutions of Hosted Virtualised Desktops are powered by Citrix

Citrix Powered Hosted Desktops

Benefits of ACE’s VDI Solutions

Find out why our VDI is the right technology for today’s businesses with a flexible workforce in achieving more efficiency. Enjoy various benefits of our VDI solutions and find out how it enhances productivity for better results.

Increased Mobility

Access your virtual desktop from any remote location on any device without any compatibility issues.

Easy Scalability

Add or remove users, desktops, and other resources as per your changing business requirements.

Cost Reduction

Eliminate the need for expensive office desktops as with our flexible pricing option, you pay only for what you use.

Instant Provisioning

Our cloud experts will instantly set-up your virtual desktops in the cloud without any additional charges.

On-Demand Customisation

We configure virtual desktops as per various departments and processes on any system - Windows, Linux, Ubuntu.

Efficient Application Delivery

Access any graphic intensive applications on-the-go without any lag, just by installing them on your personal device.

30-Day Free Backup

With our automated solution, all your data is backed up daily, rolling for 30 days to avoid loss of data.

99.99% Uptime

With an SLA-backed uptime guarantee of 99.99%, we ensure all-time availability to your desktops.

Preferred Apps

We publish all the required applications on your personal devices, giving each user a personalized experience.

Client Testimonial

Satisfied Customers are our Success Story

Judy Patrick

Our clients have been very happy that we’ve made the change because they now have a fast access. ACE tech support has been wonderful. Anytime we’ve had any issues they are very prompt about getting things resolved for us.

- Judy Patrick
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