Hosted Virtual Desktops + Hybrid Work


Many enterprises have switched from remote work to hybrid work in recent months. This implies that now we are in that zone where the workforce is no longer restricted to their homes as well; they are sometimes in the office and sometimes in different locations. Therefore, having a secure hosted virtual desktop that ensures your IT is prepared to meet whatever the future brings.

At ACE, our goal is to improve the way people work by providing innovative virtual desktop solutions. We have gained extensive experience in this field and understand the importance of a smooth digital experience for employees around the world. With our solutions, you can take control of your IT infrastructure while ensuring a high level of security. This allows you to make informed decisions about where to host your workloads and applications.

In this eBook, know about:

  1. Growing challenges along with remote access
  2. How hosted virtual desktops overcome the challenges
  3. Keep security at its core

Read the eBook ‘Hosted Virtual Desktops + Hybrid Work’ to know more.


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