Desktop as a Service (DaaS) for Software Development and Data Analytics Companies

This eBook aims to present facts and bust fictions around the use of Desktop as a Service, in a manner comprehensive and comprehensible to all. You will learn why DaaS has been adopted by a variety of sectors despite initial concerns around privacy and security. With features like outsourced management, reduced IT support, and greater security implants, DaaS is fast taking over the Software Development and Data Analytics sector. 

One important factor behind the adoption of DaaS is cost. Some analysts argue that DaaS can save operational costs by up to 50% over four years. We will see how this and other benefits of DaaS have raised the bar for performance and efficacy in the data sector.

Download our e-book to learn more about how ACE hosted Desktop as a Service can help you:

  • Support Powerful Computing
  • Strengthen Security
  • Save IT Overhead Costs
  • Make a Shift to Operational Expenditure-only

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