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Edu Tech Company for Digital Assessments, Remote Proctoring, Onscreen Evaluation

How Splashgain Redefined the Limits of a Secure, Multi-device Environment for Their Workforce

Splashgain, a rapidly expanding and award-winning global Ed-Tech company, is working on the latest technologies including AI, ML, Cloud Computing, and others to deliver cutting-edge, commercially successful Ed-Tech services like Remote Proctoring, Onscreen marking, LMS, and online Admission solutions.

Today it serves 500+ clients in 17+ countries including the USA, Singapore, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates, a testament to its spectacular ascent.

The Challenge:

Splashgain sought to implement a solution that would enhance the security of the entire company, but particularly that of the development team. In addition to code security, cost reduction and tangible cost savings were among the major concerns.

Along with worker flexibility, Splashgain aimed to establish a hybrid workspace culture that would guarantee business continuity and overall success.

After making a few discovery calls, our sales team started working and quickly came up with a unique virtual desktop solution using the user list and a comprehensive list of all required applications.

The Solution:

Ace Cloud Hosting provided Splashgain with a virtual desktop solution that ensured a low cost and high return on investment. The solution is required to satisfy all unique resource needs for developmental workloads at the same time.

Splashgain concentrated on identifying the best solutions so the business could continue utilizing its existing apps and enhance them without suffering a significant financial effect to move swiftly and minimize disruption.

With Ace Cloud Hosting, you too make a splash. Because you get:

  • A smarter, more adaptable approach to working
  • Applications delivered consistently across multi-cloud
  • Security and simplicity balanced in a go
  • An agile infrastructure for the future
  • Automated data backups
  • Customized pricing plans for every business need
  • Scalability on demand

Key Advantages

  • Ensuring a standardized user experience
    No matter the device, the ACE-enabled cloud environment offers simple access to a consistent interface, simplifying and streamlining the user experience.
  • 99.99% Uptime for a more dedicated IT environment
    To cut down the system’s downtime, our professionals are always working. Our software updates are applied to all virtual desktops simultaneously, without hands-on intervention, thereby ensuring zero disruption in work.
  • Securing a flexible, easy-to-use platform that every employee can master
    As part of its future-proofing strategy, a firm can streamline its technology domain through multi-cloud arrangements with ACE. In addition to deploying endpoint security for a secure app or desktop experience, network security also forms part of the package. Users get a single, unified platform with stringent security and backup support.

The Results:

Splashgain has been able to “Saasify” remote desktops by launching them from the browser while enabling developers to work from home or non-company-owned devices thanks to ACE Cloud’s fully managed solutions. Splashgain with the help of ACE Cloud Hosting solution, was able to immediately deploy MFA, Rolling data back-up, Data Security, and cutting-edge firewall protection from a workspace accessible from any device. The business is now prepared to scale with ACH to maintain its dedication to its customers and respond to recruitment spikes in real-time.



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