Advanced Security with ACE Virtual Desktops to Confidently Respond to Business Demands


ReverseLogix, a global software platform highly dependent on data collaboration and security, partnered with ACE to gain a higher level of security for developers and other users while having remote access.

ACE developed a cloud-first strategy to provide a more secure environment that can respond to dynamic business demands. Existing data and files become easy to manage and migrate – on-prem to the cloud and back again – with Ace Cloud Hosting.

Migrations are simplified between on-prem and cloud, offering more flexible service delivery and data control. Developers can access the data they need when they need it.

The key to success for ReverseLogix is ensuring that the data is at the right place, at the right time, with stringent security without hampering developers’ user experience. Through their partnership with ACE, ReverseLogix can stay ahead of the curve by adapting to future security trends.

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