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IT Company (Software Development)

ReverseLogix future-proofs data security while enhancing user experience

The Challenge:

ReverseLogix developers while working on Azure DevOps faced problems with codes getting copied down to their local machine. Copy and paste were automatically enabled for all sessions between applications on local devices by Azure DevOps. To prevent this data loss, the organization tried Data Loss Prevention (DLP) to verify that no sensitive data leave the corporate network or reached the local network. But still the company struggled to find the right solution.

Our sales team came in touch with them and saw the issue they were facing and made a few discovery calls to offer security measures that can prevent their data loss. Our sales consultant sourced a requirement gathering form to know about the list of users, their job profiles, and details of all the applications they need to help them fabricate a custom virtual machine.

The Solution:

Based on our discussion, they responded to our queries regarding the number of users, their work profiles, the configuration of machines for developers, and details of the application on which they want to work. They also detailed us on the list of users which comprised Technical Project Managers, Project Leads, Developers, QA, UI Developers/Designers, Technical Writers, and Pre-Sales associates. Also elaborated on which applications they want to work on. They were using Azure comprising the following tech Stack.
  • Angular 8
  • SQL Server
  • C#.Net
  • Net Core
  • NodeJS

They also provided the details of the machine configuration that they were using:

  • Developer – Intel core i7 10th gen process, 14/16 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, Windows 10 pro
  • Other Users – Intel core i5 10th gen process, 8/14 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, Windows 10 pro

We decided to conduct a Proof of Concept (POC) for them to better understand our VDI solutions. Our sales team gathered all the information necessary to enable application installation on the Citrix server with user grouping and other constraints. Following the session, we set up a 10-day trial for 5 people (3 developers, 2 other users) with all required limit permissions in place along with the provided list of applications.

Based on the trial, we requested them to share feedback regarding the server performance or if there is any aspect that they want us to improve.

Our team also reached them through a quick follow-up to check if the hosted virtual desktop is running properly and meeting their expectations.


ACE’s VDI fully managed solution eased the transition from Azure DevOps to Virtual Infrastructure ensuring that there is no data loss or leakage outside the corporate network.



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