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Accounts Payable Capture Solution

Any discrepancy in the financial data can lead to significant losses to the business and also be a problem at the time of the audit.
Canon Accounts Payable Capture Solution automates the accounting process. Its integration with accounting software like QuickBooks ensures that the essential data fields from the invoices are extracted, verified, and then sent directly into QuickBooks, eliminating the manual errors.
Accounts Payable Capture Solution
Purchase Order Capture Solution

Purchase Order Capture Solution

Tracking and managing purchase orders from multiple customers is an essential part of providing timely products and services.
The Purchase Order Capture Solution extracts all the relevant information from the purchase orders, be it the delivery address, order total, etc. These purchase order details can be easily imported into QuickBooks for a streamlined sales process.

Document Converter Solution

When it comes to storage and management of the accounting files, the businesses are always on the lookout of an efficient, scalable, and intelligent solution.
With IRISXtract Document Converter, you can convert your digital as well as manual files into a compressed form for an extended period of archiving. The compressed version can then be exported to your platforms like the cloud.
Document Converter Solution
Digital Mailroom Automation

Digital Mailroom Automation

From invoices, bills, purchase orders to CVs, and contracts, a business deals with a wide range of documents, all of which need to find their way to the concerned departments.
The IRIS Digital Mailroom Automation is an all-in-one document management solution which classifies the documents, extracts the data from the necessary fields, and then exports it to the department-specific application. For instance, all your invoices and account receivables are exported directly into QuickBooks.

Hybrid Forms Processing Solution

The IRIS Hybrid Forms Processing Solution is a combined package of all the data capture methods. It captures the data from structured, semi-structured, and hybrid forms through technologies like OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition).
Whether it is a structured form like an invoice, or an unstructured form like a CV, the data fields are identified to adjust the table layout accordingly. The forms are then exported to different solutions.
Hybrid Forms Processing Solution


Simplify your Accounting with QuickBooks And IRISXtract On the Cloud

Simplify Your Accounting with QuickBooks® And IRISXtract™ On the Cloud

Canon IRISXtract software, when integrated with QuickBooks Desktop on the cloud, speeds up your accounting process by extracting the data from invoices, account payables, purchase orders, etc., and enters the data directly into QuickBooks. As both the software are on the cloud platform of Ace Cloud Hosting, it helps you synchronize data without errors.

IRISXtract Hosting Pricing Plans: Tailored To Your Needs

IRISXtract™ A la Carte
Cloud Hosting Package


Licensing fee extra: 1 user of QuickBooks (Pro, Premier, or Accountant) - $19/user/ month, TSScan - $10/user/month, and Office 365 Standard - $12/user/month


IRISXtract™ Comprehensive
Cloud Hosting Package


Includes 1 user of QuickBooks
(Pro, Premier, or Accountant) TSScan, and
Office 365 Standard


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Always-on Support

Our team of cloud experts is available round the clock via call, chat, and mail to resolve any issue bothering you.

99.999% Uptime

We guarantee an uptime of 99.999 percent, which means all-time availability of your IRISXtract software.

10-Day Free Trial

Use your Canon IRISXtract software on our cloud and experience all the benefits and features for free.

Disaster Recovery

Continue extracting critical data from the documents with your IRISXtract, even in the case of a disaster.


We are proud winners of 2019 and 2020 K2 Quality Award for Customer Satisfaction and the Great User Experience Award by FinancesOnline.

Multi-layer Security

Ace Cloud Hosting ensures complete protection of all your documents by deploying MFA, IDS/IPS, ransomware protection, etc.

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