Virtualization provides more benefits when delivered in the cloud

Virtualization has been in data centers for several years as a prominent technology for consolidating infrastructure resources and servers. It also provides the basic building blocks for your cloud environment to enhance integrity, flexibility and agility.
According to the Gartner survey of 505 data center managers, virtualization of infrastructure workloads will increase from approx. 60%  in 2012 to almost 90% in 2014 This continuing growth makes Virtualization in cloud computing a next step for many organizations.Here are benefits, virtualization provides when delivered in the cloud:

  1. Virtualization enables you to integrate and run applications onto a few physical servers. With Virtualization you can get more out of the servers you already have. This increases the server utilization rate.
  2. Virtualization also improves workload balancing. It balances unpredictable workloads on the performance requirement. For example, an e-commerce website where you can add more capacity according to the changing workload.
  3. Another key benefit is that businesses can make efficient use of their IT resources. They only have to pay for the resources required for the Virtual machines.
  4. Virtualization ensures availability by enabling you to dynamically move virtual machines from server to server. You can instantly re-image the existing image on another server if a machine failure occurs.
  5. Because downtime leads to lost revenue, and sometime the permanent loss of clients, you need a reliable way to recover and deploy your VMs. Virtualization in the cloud improves system reliability and security by preventing such crashes.

One best example of virtualization in cloud is IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). It is the virtualized, multitenant infrastructure that let you rent cloud infrastructure e.g. storage on demand, servers to run your software.


Cloud is quite different from virtualization. The two should never be confused, but it doesn’t mean that they can’t be combined. Managed private cloud service combines the reliability and flexibility of cloud with the customization capabilities of virtualization. By leveraging virtualization solutions across your cloud infrastructure, you can realize savings in terms of both money and time.

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