Last updated on November 16th, 2022

 In this modern world of innovation, the Development industry is still striving to reach the level of performance and security they need while working remotely. They face major challenges when it comes to delivering complex functionality at a faster pace— all while reducing the time invested in setting up IT. 

At the same time, they also struggle with budget constraints associated with moving their coding activities to the cloud. Here, Virtualization comes as a savior with a comprehensive set of tools that has the potential to compel efficiency for developers. 

However, power users – developers and designers who work on 3D, OpenGL, DirectX, or other graphics visualization applications- are unable to leverage the benefits of this flexible solution. The reason is that GPU applications are processor intensive, which requires high monitors to deliver a decent experience. 

Get An Extraordinary Virtual Desktop Experience For Developers


The Developer Experience Matters 

With the footsteps of the industry-defined client journey mapping, the market is now starting to explore how better the developer experience can get. Enterprises are now focusing on making the interface more user-friendly and powerful in order to leverage the same benefits in their client journey. 

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Better developer experiences indicate that developers get less affected by their IT environment and thus can invest time in core development tasks. At the same time, more powerful and developer-friendly desktops allow for innovative solutions. 

While looking for a way to mitigate these problems, they came across cloud virtual desktop infrastructure. ACE’s virtual desktop solutions are underway to expand the benefits for developers by offering a majority of heavy designers’ applications on managed infrastructure to the users. 

cloud-vdi-transformingCurrent Developer Challenges 

The development team needs access to various power applications, including CAD/CAM/CAE applications that require a proper configuration that is non-limited to issues, from coding to production. In this fast-paced, innovative environment, developers surely need time to create and test their solutions. Therefore, they need to automate processes that take up their time and delay coding. 

Undoubtedly, Virtual desktop infrastructure offers a robust solution to businesses, enabling developers to code from anywhere, anytime. However, the on-premise VDI deployment still takes time, and configurations have to be manually set by your IT team. Many developers and info-tech teams raise the issue that lengthy deployment time is a major reason for quality problems, resulting in testing or production client issues. Developers need to debug such issues; thus, their time goes in vain while managing it. 

A critical part of code creation and testing is utilizing production data, and building and keeping these databases can be favorably time-intensive tasks, and unsynced data leads to poor quality, again influencing developers. 

Overcoming Developers’ Challenges with ACE-Managed Virtual Desktops 

ACE-managed desktops reinforce ISV certifications for consistent user experience on graphics visualization applications. The virtual desktops are designed in such a way they include HDX, and 3D Pro capabilities, thus delivering desktops and applications that function best by utilizing a graphics processing unit (GPU). 

HDX ensures that the user gets HD voice and video that allows users to collaborate with high-definition images even when the user is working with low mobile networks with packet loss, congestion, high latency, and jitters. 

For a developer, virtual machine density matters the most. IT leaders demand state-of-the-art reliability and hardware-improved protection that efficiently encrypts data and enables blocking malicious exploits while maintaining workload value and implementation. 

ACE virtual desktops use 2nd generation scalable processors to deliver advanced security. Developers and designers can work in a hardware-enhanced environment while data is encrypted from malicious exploits. 

Additionally, it leverages Optane technology that bridges the optimization, storage, and transfer of larger, more complex data sets. This technology fills essential storage and memory hierarchy loopholes to deliver persistent memory, fast caching, and storage. Using Optane technology to configure your virtual desktops eliminates possible memory blockages with large VMs or even more users. 

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Capability for more demanding workloads with larger memory and compute needs, allowing you to save time evaluating, selecting, and purchasing the required hardware equipment. They also reduce the time needed to analyze and implement new VDI or scale your current environment while maintaining a good price/performance ratio. 

cloud-vdi-transformingACE Virtual Desktops: More Choices And Simple Onboarding For An Improved Developer Experience  

Cloud virtual desktop infrastructure is the finest prospect that greatly enriches the developer experience, leading to the following:  

With ACE virtual desktops, get speeder time into development cycles through GPU-intensive environment creation. Here are the few benefits that you get with our solutions: 

  • Delivers them anywhere, anytime access to coding applications and databases 
  • Reduces infrastructure deployment issues. Thus, maximizes development time and reduces delays 
  • Eliminates the security hurdles while copying and pasting data from one folder to another 
  • Easy to add or remove users in minutes,  
  • Developers get Macbook Pro-level performance with 99.99% SLA 
  • Production-ready coding for full UAT testing/framework/lifecycle capability 

These imply that investing in ACE cloud virtual desktop infrastructure can dramatically lead to an extraordinary developer experience. 

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