Top 10 Public Cloud Hosting Service Providers in 2024

Before the introduction of public cloud hosting, finding an alternative for businesses to establish their personal infrastructure seemed to be a cumbersome task. But, presently by leveraging the technology of the public cloud, businesses are now able to bring in innovation, scalability, and infrastructure cost reduction all at once.

Since the market of cloud computing has witnessed a huge expansion in recent years, the responsibility of physical servers has also been reduced. Hence, the headache of backing up huge data no longer persists because of the robust and remote solution of public cloud hosting.

Now that the mention of public cloud hosting has been made multiple times, it becomes important to understand what a public cloud is and why there is a need for such a solution in the present times. Let’s begin from the basics, keep scrolling!

What is A Public Cloud?

Breaking down the concept of the public cloud, it is a platform that utilizes the standardized cloud computing model for devising resources like storage, certain applications, and virtual machines which are accessible to the users remotely.

Cloud networking solutions are made available to businesses through schemes, subscriptions, cloud storage pricing models, and also pay-per-usage models.

One of the key reasons why cloud hosting is preferred by organizations is because it assists in reducing the cost of developing the on-location IT resources. To be more specific, let’s delve into the key features of cloud hosting solutions.

Top Features of Cloud Hosting Solutions

Following are the top public cloud infrastructure service providers features:

  • Global Data Centres- Data centres must be present across multiple countries on almost every continent. This proceeds the compliance with laws of the particular region, better availability, and reduced latency.
  • Computing, storage, and networking services- In a public cloud domain, these three listed services form the core. In addition, the providers can assist you with database management and developer tools.
  • Integrated Security- The security concerns with public cloud hosting differ from those with on-premise systems. Hence, the security measures should either be present as integration or rolled up with the platform.
  • Implementation Assistance- It can be complex for organizations to migrate to a complete public cloud hosting platform at first which means that the providers should deliver support regarding the architecture and execution of the platform.
  • Pay-Per-Use Pricing- This feature should be intact for cloud platforms to ensure that the services are optimally utilized and the projected costs do not bounce up.

The above-mentioned features are enough to know the importance of cloud hosting infrastructure but this solution also brings certain benefits with it which makes it the need of the hour. Have a look:

What is The Need for Public Cloud Hosting?

Saving the cost of hardware and servers by the installation of cloud networking solutions.
Provisioning computer resources in huge quantities in less than minutes is now a possibility with the public cloud.

One can set up the parameters of scalability depending on the requirements which means, you can increase the capacity if required and decrease the capacity if the demand for services reduces.
Your data, apps, and infrastructure get protected from multiple threats which enhances the overall security of the organization.

Avoid any downtime by accessing the data on-demand and keeping a backup of all your environments.
With hundreds of providers available and each one having specific benefits and aims; we have curated a list of top 10 public cloud hosting companies for the year 2024 that are standing out presently in the market.

What are Top 10 Public Cloud Hosting Providers for 2024

Here are the top 10 public cloud hosting service providers that you need to consider for your business:

Ace Public Cloud

Ace Public Cloud assists your business in transitioning to a more robust infrastructure on the cloud with services that are scalable and pay-per-use and the services are available on demand.

The solutions provided include flexible block storage, reliable shared CPU, along with management of databases.

Also, the deployment and scaling of the containerized apps are possible through managed services. And, the availability of Ace Public Cloud services is worldwide.

Key Features

  • Collaboration in real-time, regulation of budget, and automation of workflows
  • Control the user accounts with a unified interface
  • Dedicated and Managed Kubernetes Services
  • Deployment of databases to manage data replication and backup


Ace Public Cloud offers $100 free credits post successful sign-up and the basic plan starts at a minimum cost of $30.

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Alibaba Cloud

Being one of the largest cloud computing companies in China, Alibaba offers an extensive range of cloud services and products to various businesses across the globe.

The kind of public cloud hosting offered by Alibaba is similar to that of Amazon with one major difference that it is centric on the e-commerce hosting and services.

With more than 100 products in its catalog, Alibaba provides cloud networking solutions to enterprises, mid-level and small businesses, and developers.

Key Features

  • Providing support for both hybrid and public cloud infrastructure
  • A reliable compliance and security center
  • IoT platform with end-to-end support for connecting the cloud to the edge
  • Media services are available through the technology of video cloud


The basic plan starts at $19.99

Amazon Web Services

The tech and digital giant Amazon have a public cloud wing called Amazon Web Services which has been operational since 2006.

Its services are available in more than 190 countries with the global data centres being located in the U.S., Japan, Singapore, and Europe among other locations. Offering a wide range of services, AWS also provides strategic partnerships with associations like Vodafone and SAP.

AWS has a variety of certifications, community support, materials, and other resources to support your business.

Key Features

  • Extensive range of services including Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Both professional and managed AWS services for catering to your in-house requirements
  • Service of Amazon Lightsail which is an SMB-focused public cloud and available at less cost
  • For optimizing the budgets and resource utilization, providing Cloud Financial Management


Amazon Web Services has all of its services priced differently and individually.


DigitalOcean in this list of top 10 public cloud hosting providers, is the youngest company which was founded in the year 2012 and has recently completed the Series C round of funding in 2020 for its cloud services.

This company has as many as 13 data centres and its services are available to businesses across 195 countries.

The services offered by DigitalOcean, in the majority are focused on development which is inclusive of database management, object storage, automated workflows, and application development.

Key Features

  • One-stop shop for cloud networking solutions for both application and website developers
  • Bundled collaboration across various accounts of the users
  • Solution packages for media streaming, website hosting, and game building
  • Options of two kinds of technical support with response time being 30 minutes


With DigitalOcean, the charges are applicable based on the services and the options of CPU that you choose

Google Cloud Platform

Not only the public cloud hosting for enterprises but also the services suite of Google is enabled through the Google Cloud Platform services. Tools like TensorFlow and Google Workspace have GCP as their host which provides you with smooth integrations.

With a name like Google, one can expect the number of data centres to be as many as 76 with their services across 200+ countries. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are the bullseyes for the Google Cloud Platform.

Key Features

  • Extensive range of products centric on life sciences and healthcare applications
  • To run the containerized apps, it has the Google Kubernetes engine
  • Services that are ready for utilization of migrating workload to the GCP
  • Packaged services and solutions for various industries


GCP gives you $300 free credits post successful sign-up and it follows a service-based and volume-based model of pricing.

Huawei Cloud

In recent years, Huawei has emerged as a company that has invested a huge chunk of money in the public cloud services domain specifically utilized for enterprise use.

Huawei stands to be amongst the top 5 cloud service providers in China with its services channelizing towards AI and data-driven applications on the cloud. The use cases targeted by Huawei include development, middleware, networking, hosting, edge computing, and cloud communications.

Key Features

  • Communication services based on cloud-like, real-time audio and SMS
  • For smart campuses and smart cities, solutions of public cloud hosting
  • Under the offering of DevCloud, a wide range of developer tools are available
  • Prevention of boot force attacks and safety solutions for e-commerce and gaming


Huawei bills you on an hourly basis depending on the services being utilized

IBM Cloud

Though IBM is a big name in the private cloud providing segment, it also has a sturdy offering of public cloud. More than 170 products are offered by IBM on their open architecture cloud which includes blockchain, IoT, containerization, AI, data operations, etc.

To your interest, these services can also be integrated with the other public cloud services of your on-location infrastructure. 47 out of 50 companies listed in the Fortune 50 trust the name IBM for its services.

Key Features

  • IBM Watson to arrange and manage the cloud services
  • A platform that is serverless and does not require any Kubernetes skills
  • Competitive applications like IBM Quantum Composer, IBM Blockchain Platform, and IBM Edge Application Manager
  • Custom-made solution based on industry


You can choose the pay-as-you-go option with IBM or go for the one-year and three-year plans for added discounts.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle’s cloud infrastructure is the company’s arm of public cloud hosting which is also available in the private or the on-premise variant.

The services are a complete package of your application’s cycle on the cloud with maintenance, modernization, and migration operations.

Key Features

  • Focused regions of the cloud for government
  • Wide range of cloud services like Oracle Data Cloud, ERP, and Human Capital Management
  • For managing interconnectivity, The Oracle Service Connector Hub for the DevOps team
  • Seamless migration of the apps to the environment of the public cloud


The charges are applicable on an hourly basis with each service having a different price component.

Orange Public Cloud- Flexible Engine

Focused on mobility and telecommunications, Orange stands to be on the global front as an IT product company.

In addition to connecting more than 8 million business customers, the company also has a secure and open public cloud service known as the Flexible Engine.

17,200+ virtual machines host the solution and the services include storage, data, networking, applications, and computing

Key Features

  • To enhance the interoperability, it is built on the Huawei Openstack
  • Set APIs for better administration
  • Bundled solutions for IoT, network transformation, and collaborative workspaces
  • CTS and CES for keeping an eye on resource utilization


You can choose the pay-as-you-go option with the starting plan at € 3.53.


Linode is the answer to the developer-centric cloud hosting provider being an SMB with 11 operational data centres globally.

The key highlight of Linode is that it provides the same consumption as that of GCP and AWS within half the cost.

Also, the services are interoperable in case the requirement is a multi-cloud setup with migration being free of cost to assist in initiating the public cloud.

Key Features

  • It is one of the Linux-based environments of public cloud hosting
  • Option of managed and professional services for the easy cloud journey
  • Use of Linode Custom Images to scale the same image across multiple devices
  • Terraform Provider for deploying your infrastructure in the form of code


Every component of Linode is priced individually with all its packages including a seven-day-money-back guarantee.

How to select the right public cloud hosting provider in 2024?

The migration of your business to the cloud can empty your bank account and take a toll on your integrity, if not done precisely.

Hence, you must select the right cloud networking solution partner with experience in handling the cloud infrastructure because the business is exposed to multi-level risks and threats.

Set and understand your objectives well

Before you finalize the solution providers, make sure that they have the required technical expertise to cater to your request.

If their knowledge and experience are to the mark and suit the vitalities of your company’s project, go ahead and avail yourself of the services.

Level of expertise

More often than not, cloud service providers achieve certifications to cross certain milestones. Before selecting the provider, checking on their accomplishments and level of expertise should be the foremost task.

Do not hesitate to check their certifications and clear your doubts about the services required for your business. When you have filters on different levels, it becomes easy to kick off the ineligible ones.

Multi-Vendor Support

If a cloud provider is in contact with multiple vendors, it enhances your opportunities to access various cloud offerings.

You do not have to be complacent enough with a single vendor service and be out loud about your requirements and choose accordingly.

In a nutshell

Now that you are well aware of the public cloud hosting market giants, have a look through the features and solutions that they provide and select the right provider accordingly.

You can surely the diverse services of Ace Public Cloud which start at only $30 per month. Hence, saving on those bucks yet getting all the quality services and solutions that you need. Isn’t it a win-win situation?

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