QuickBooks usage reviews from CPAs and individual practitioners have been a pool of mixed feelings with specific likes and dislikes. Based on a surveyed research of usage experiences, surprising findings have been stated by users of QuickBooks ranging from newbie to professional.

Statistics Displaying Usage of Varied QB Versions and Editions

#1: The Edition Comparison

During the research, the users working with QuickBooks over Windows platform were questioned for personal choice of QuickBooks edition for accounting usage. This research set comprised single user to small, medium and large scale enterprises. Here are the results so obtained:

QuickBooks Usage Edition Comparison
#2: The Version Comparison

Based on a sole comparison of the QB software versions users find comfortable working with, here are the results we got:

QuickBooks Usage Edition Comparison

Though the usage graph states considerably less percentage of users working on 2014 version, yet most of those using 2011 version are sure to switch to 2014 after Intuit withdraws support for 2011 usage in May, 2014.

What Do Users Like About QuickBooks And To What Extent?

QuickBooks was undoubtedly known for its ease of use which is now proven with the research findings. Apart from this factor, there have been a lot others which users find attractive. Here are the details:

QuickBooks Usage Edition Comparison likes

What Do Users Dislike About QuickBooks And To What Extent?

On the one hand where most professional QB users are dawned with its exclusive features, findings on the dislikes on the other hand display surprising results:

QuickBooks Usage Edition Comparison dislikes

What Can Be Done To Cope With The Dislikes?

Upon comparison of the likes and dislikes pointed out by the users, almost every feature that lies common in both is a mixed group. While some parts of the software cannot be influenced by external factors, the versatility of some features can be enhanced. Here’s how…



Usage Issues

QuickBooks as a software is bound to be a tough IT deal for accountants. Its overall installation and usage is related to compatibilities linked with varied components. Having a hosted server that eliminates all software setup and running issues is sure to sway away all the complexities in usage. All the users will be left to do is to simply log into their remote access server, open QuickBooks application and get started with the work.


With hosted access to QB files from anywhere, anytime, the clients can give away their dependency on fixed desktop systems. Only a simple login is required from any internet-supported digital device and the reports can be generated and downloaded in a few clicks. This is the power of hassle-free reporting that hosting services offer.

Software Instability

Most of the times, these issues arise when certain Windows framework or other installed components create a conflicting state for users to move ahead. With a QuickBooks hosting professional team to manage all arising issues of software instability, users can experience seamless functionality devoid of any instability pop-ups.


Intuit support team is not well-reported for meeting the satisfaction levels of the users. When QB is hosted on a remote server, it is the responsibility of the service provider to troubleshoot the clients’ issues in a timely manner. This is one of the major factors in determining the Quality of Services offered by hosting provider and thus, they are sure to make every effort to make things right.



Slowness is more than often a result of lesser amount of free disk space left or obsolete or incompatible hardware and software. Getting a new OS and computer for running QuickBooks in a fast and more efficient manner is not very often a chosen alternative. QuickBooks cloud hosting makes it possible for the users to possess a fast Operating System that is updated on a recurring basis along with robust hardware to process all QB operations rapidly and in an efficient manner.


Though the cost of the software is fixed for all, the installation and operational costs add up to a considerable part of the expenses, especially when users try to host QB on a local system or server to connect multiple users over the singly stored database. These in-house costs can be reduced if QuickBooks hosting service is opted for. Here, clients have to pay only a monthly rent for the service while bidding goodbye to all issues involving troubleshooting, availability, speed or any software malfunction. 

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