Struggling With Cloud Solution? Here’s How Ace Public Cloud Can Solve Your Problem

Businesses and organizations are facing challenges on several fronts — on the business front, there are start-ups who are out to disrupt the status quo and on the technology front, digital transformation is creating a complex technology landscape which organizations have to deal with in a deft and seamless manner. The modern workforce is more diverse as well as more dispersed than ever before. Employees can be located in far-flung locations as ‘remote work’ becomes routine. Many tech start-ups, software development companies, software testing companies, or AI/ML businesses are naturally more digital savvy than the old brick-and-mortar businesses. Unlike Fortune 500 companies, most start-ups or ecommerce businesses have to be quite nimble players. Public cloud technologies enable the Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) to access high-end compute and storage resources without needing to spend huge resources in up-front expenses or capital expenditure. When start-ups have to justify their expenses to their angel investors or VC funders, huge expenses on creating infrastructure — on-premises servers, networking gear, storage — won’t look good. Start-ups have to focus more on becoming profitable and generating real revenue from real customers rather than spending extravagantly on marketing or creating infrastructure. Investing in public cloud is certainly going to count as a smart choice in the ‘books’ of the funders when they go through the spending/accounts/balance sheet of a start-up they’ve funded.

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Looking to Transition to Public Cloud? Choose An Affordable Solution

Here's How Cloud Solutions Can Help Your Business Grow-min When you are a young business or a start-up with an extremely tech-savvy workforce, you’ll naturally give your workforce the freedom they’ll expect. Your workers will likely be recruited from a ‘global’ talent pool. SMBs will be equally happy to hire from New York, New Delhi, and/or Nairobi as long as the software developer or AI/ML expert delivers on the tasks assigned. When you need to provide the right Dev environment for such global professionals and when you have implemented Agile development or DevOps in your development team, your only option is to have things on the cloud so that resources are accessible from anywhere and at any time with only a secure log-in. CloudDevOps can be implemented only with cloud-based development environments as well as flexible cloud storage. Public cloud option from Ace Cloud Hosting is the perfect solution — it’s affordable, secure, and flexible in equal measure and offers pay-as-you-go pricing. When you are looking to disrupt a segment of the global ecommerce business, you need to host your website such that it can handle the challenges of operating in the global ecommerce arena. You’ll need to have scalable resources — with cloud hosting, you can choose hosting resources that can be expanded at a moment’s notice. Public cloud option from Ace Cloud Hosting is the perfect solution to host your site when you are looking for a secure and affordable solution. You’ll need to have the capability to deal with the inevitable security issues — ransomware attacks or DDoS attacks and so forth. When you opt for cloud hosting, you’ll benefit from security measures put in place by the cloud service provider that’ll provide you protection against such security threats and malicious actors lurking on the web. Public cloud option from Ace Cloud Hosting is the right solution as it comes with the necessary security measures in place that’ll protect you from ransomware attacks or other security threats ranging from ‘lone-wolf’ hackers to sophisticated nation state attacks. For all these diverse reasons, Ace Cloud Hosting is a fine choice to be your public cloud service provider. Apart from reasonably priced servers and storage options, Ace also takes care of your networking requirements with the excellent features of Ace cloud networking solutions. Ace cloud networking solutions comprise typical features such as Public IPs, Virtual Routers, Virtual Private Networks, and Load Balancers to take your mind off any networking-related headaches. Of course, Ace public cloud has high-end AMD processors that’ll manage your CPU-intensive workloads effortlessly. Whether it’s a Compute instance or a GPU one, you’ll find that Ace offers its services at a much cheaper price point compared to other cloud service providers. Also Read: What is Public Cloud

Looking for Alternatives to Your Current Public Cloud Service Provider?

Here’s an affordable solution. You are not alone in discovering that public cloud services can become quite expensive in quite a hurry! Many companies go for the well-known public cloud service providers without conducting much research about prices of various cloud services and pretty soon, their monthly bills can become quite substantial making them rethink or re-evaluate their decision to go for cloud in the first place. It’s not that public cloud is inherently expensive; it’s just that you have to be smart about evaluating public cloud service offerings and then choosing only the services that you need and for only the length of time that you need them. There’ll be price calculators on websites of the cloud service providers that’ll give you a fair idea of what your monthly cloud subscription bill is going to be like. You must keep a close watch on this as well as making sure to unsubscribe to any cloud services you are not using. If you need to go for a GPU instance, you have to be very particular about what you need since this is going to be expensive no matter which public cloud provider you choose. Once you are done with your GPU instance, you must stop your GPU subscription. GPU instances are expensive. They are like rocket engines or jet engines. Once SpaceX mastered landing Falcon Nine First Stage boosters back on land or on drone ships out in the ocean, they have been reusing those First Stage boosters since it makes rocket launches less expensive when you don’t throw away perfectly fine rocket engines — all nine of them — after using them just once. Similarly, you could consider jet engines on passenger jets. Once the jet engines became reliable enough, airlines preferred jet planes with only two jet engines rather than four of them. Clearly, it’s less expensive to take care of two engines per plane rather than four. We rarely see a four-engine plane now-a-days. Despite all the love and awe for the giants of the skies, the Boeing 747 and the Airbus A-380 have entered their twilight years. The ‘takeaway’ being this: be frugal when it comes to GPU instances just like SpaceX is with their Falcon engines and just like Airbus and Boeing are with their jet engines. Ace Cloud Hosting is a fine choice as an alternative public cloud service provider. Apart from reasonably priced servers and storage options, Ace also takes care of your networking requirements with the excellent features of Ace cloud networking solutions. Ace cloud networking solutions include the usual features including Public IPs, Virtual Routers, and Load Balancers to take your mind off any networking-related issues. Of course, Ace Public Cloud offers high-end AMD processors to effortlessly manage your CPU-intensive workloads. Whether it’s a heavy-duty Compute instance or a GPU instance, you’ll find that Ace offers its services at a much cheaper price point compared to other cloud service providers. Ace offers a super-smooth cloud migration pathway as well. So, if you want to switch from your current cloud service provider and adopt a cheaper, top-tier, and robust cloud alternative, then talk to Ace today. Also Read: Top Public Cloud Hosting Providers

Ace Public Cloud For AI/ML Workloads

Public cloud-based solutions have been extremely useful for small businesses and start-ups dealing with AI and ML since they have huge requirements of processing/compute/GPU. These businesses can now access high-end servers/GPUs thanks to public cloud providers — saving a ton of money in the process in terms of incurring capital expenditures. Ace Public Cloud is hosted in Tier 3+ and Tier 4 data centers in the U.S. ensuring high availability, data security, and redundant storage in geographically discrete locations. Ace has a simple subscription system and different compute instances that you can choose. Ace uses Openstack ensuring there is no risk of vendor lock-in.

Ace Public Cloud for Software Development

For software development start-ups and midsize software businesses, it’s the best of times with immense opportunities — what with open-source code repositories available for free and a global talent pool available to hire from. At the same time, the competition is also immense — the field is open to global competitors. Any software company can hire software developers from anywhere in the world. When you are competing for global talent, you need to be ready to manage a remote workforce. Ace Public Cloud can enable DevOps practices and Agile development with a fully-remote workforce. With Ace Public cloud, you get the advantages of Tier 3+ and Tier 4 data centers. You’ll additionally get access to flexible and scalable cloud resources at an affordable price. So, what are you waiting for? If you don’t want to pay a premium price but want an Openstack-based public cloud with high-end AMD CPUs and NVIDIA GPUs, then Ace Public Cloud is the perfect choice.

Ace Public Cloud for Software Testing

For software testing businesses, cloud-based testing provides competitive advantages. When your software testing strategy leverages benefits of public cloud features, you can conduct your testing any time using a global pool of software testing personnel. You need highly flexible resources — compute as well as storage. With top tier AMD CPUs and NVIDIA GPUs, Ace offers the compute and storage as well as cloud networking features that’ll help your software testing business become a serious global player in the business. Also Read: Hybrid Cloud Vs Multi Cloud

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Ace Public Cloud for SMBs

Small and medium businesses (SMBs) have never faced a more competitive business environment — what with the geopolitical uncertainties combined with an unpredictable climate. Human-caused climate change may reach a tipping point by the end of this decade if we don’t take drastic steps to limit our global greenhouse gas emissions. In such an uncertain business ‘climate’, it’s certainly a business benefit when you can count upon a public cloud service provider to handle your compute and storage workloads. With the monthly billing provision of cloud service providers, SMBs can focus on their core business and marketing efforts rather than spending time and energy on creating, managing and maintaining an in-house IT infrastructure. The cost savings are substantial — and you don’t have to guesstimate your future compute or storage requirements. With a public cloud option, you can provision server instances as and when you need them. You can provision a GPU server if you need it — and then stop your subscription when you no longer need it. Cloud storage is another benefit — it’s extensible to meet your needs. Cloud networking lets you run your SMB like a global business with a remote workforce and anytime-anywhere access to applications, environments, and stored resources. Public cloud is secure with data backups in geographically discrete locations. There’s DDoS protection and ransomware protection along with cloud firewalls. When you take the decision to opt for a public cloud provider, make it a smart decision by opting for Ace Public Cloud where the services are reasonably priced.


Whether you have been underwhelmed by your previous experience with a high-end cloud service provider or are looking to take the plunge into cloud now, Ace Public Cloud has an unbeatable combination of affordably priced cloud solutions developed on an open-source platform. You get the best of cloud features with data centers hosted in Tier 3+ and Tier 4 facilities — guaranteed SLA uptime, multiple data backups, and top-end hardware. If your concerns include climate issues, our data centers are green data centers that are conscious of their carbon footprints, water usage, and power sources. So, apart from substantial business benefits, you will also be able to take care of meeting your SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) targets, your Net Zero targets, and your ESG (Environment, Social, & Governance) reporting requirements.

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