QuickBooks Online is one of the latest Intuit’s offerings to simplify the accounting solutions for small and mid-size businesses. This is cloud-based accounting software that is totally controlled and managed by Intuit. Realizing the futuristic importance of cloud with the software needs, QuickBooks Online is a fighting fit accomplishment. Talking about the cloud, there is another option available for the users in the form of QuickBooks Hosting.

QuickBooks Hosting is simply availing the desktop version of QuickBooks on cloud-based servers. The server usually belongs to a third-party hosting service provider. Thus, all the cloud benefits, such as- remote accessibility, real-time collaboration, etc. are attained.

Since QuickBooks Desktop is advanced and versatile accounting software than QuickBooks Online, hosted mode seems to a more able solution on many fronts.

If the dilemma of choosing between, QuickBooks Hosting and QuickBooks Online then the following table should be able to present a fine overview:

Features QuickBooks Online QuickBooks Hosting
Complete QuickBooks Desktop Features No Yes
Usage Similarity With QuickBooks Desktop No Yes
Dedicated Training Needs Yes No
Anytime, Anywhere Access Yes Yes
Mobile and Cross-device Access Yes Yes
Plan Charges Fixed By Intuit Scalable with Service Providers
Better Lead and InventoryCenter No Yes
Shipping Manager No Yes
QuickBooks Statement Writer Yes Yes
Convenience of Add-ons Integration Yes Yes
Speed of Processing Slower than QB on Desktop Faster and Depends On Server
Data Sync with Local Machine Yes Yes
Automated Backup Yes Yes
Real-time Multi-User Collaboration Yes Yes
User Permission Control Yes Yes
Additional Application Hosting No Yes
Support Provided by Intuit Depends on Service Provider


This comparison table gives a general indication of the differences between the two cloud accounting solutions. The variation will appear in magnified form when you dig further into the usage and version features.

Developers of QuickBooks Online have not been able to achieve the level that they have delivered with the desktop version. So, the usability of QuickBooks Online lags behind on the performance metrics when compared with the desktop version.

Since the QuickBooks Hosting avails more apt solution for the accounting professionals and businesses looking to work out the things faster. Still for the users, who do not have to use QuickBooks in hurry, QuickBooks Online will be able to serve satisfactorily.

Importance of accounting on the cloud for businesses is immense and growing. For now, when QuickBooks Online is still improving, the easier pick seems to QuickBooks Hosting – for it does not require major changes in usability from the desktop version and still all the benefits of cloud are available.

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