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Popular Types of Ransomware Attacks & Strains To Know

Have you ever wondered why ransomware attacks seem unstoppable? While security engineers constantly develop new defense solutions, ransomware attacks remain a menace. That’s because ransomware technology is evolving at an alarming speed.   This blog has all the information you need about the types of ransomware, the popular strains, and the best practices to avoid ransomware infections. What is a Ransomware Attack? A ransomware attack is a type of malware attack that blocks access to the infected computer or network and encrypts critical data. Consequently, the attacker demands a ransom payout from the victim in exchange for network access and decrypted ... Read more

How To Protect Against Ransomware?

Can you recall the WannaCry and Petya attacks that made the headlines recently?   These are the ransomware attacks wherein you were asked to pay some ransom to get your data back. There are many different types of malware out there, but out of them, ransomware is one of the most dangerous types of malware. It is malware that infects your computer system and then locks it down. This blog will give tips on protecting your computer against different kinds of ransomware.  Protecting your business against ransomware is more crucial than ever before. With the recent WannaCry and Petya ransomware in ... Read more

What is Crowdstrike – Everything You Need to Know

If you’re reading this, you’re probably curious about CrowdStrike. You’ve probably seen some of the headlines from friends, coworkers, and even family members. Perhaps you’ve heard that CrowdStrike is the company that claims that it can prevent a hack before an attack happens. In this article, we’ll explain what makes CrowdStrike so effective at stopping malicious attacks on businesses and governments around the globe and why its reputation is growing fast as they become more popular among internet security companies.  We’ll discuss the following in the blog: What is Crowdstrike Benefits Key Features Why Crowdstrike Importance What Is CrowdStrike? CrowdStrike is ... Read more

Why is EDR Crucial for Financial Industry?

Cybercriminals pick their targets with two considerations: the strongest effect and huge profits. The financial industry is one such sector that meets both these considerations and is one of the most vulnerable groups to attacks. The reason for being a prime target is not just to handle vast sums of money and sensitive personal data but also because they often lack adequate security.   One of the most pressing concerns in the financial industry is how to secure its infrastructure from cyber criminals and other hackers. Malicious attacks can have disastrous consequences on the financial sector, which requires a security solution ... Read more

Human Hacking: All About Social Engineering Attacks

Although the word “social engineering” might not sound very hazardous, this sort of attack is wrecking chaos in all the exploits it comes across. The basic difference between this cyber threat and others is that the execution is based on humans rather than an unpatched system vulnerability.  But what exactly is a Social Engineering attack, and how can we avoid becoming a target?  What is Human Hacking/Social Engineering attack? What are its impacts?  Social Engineering is a technique that exploits humans using psychological manipulation and getting access to privileged information. It is also known as “Human Hacking.” They manipulate the ... Read more

Top 10 Managed Security Service Providers in 2022

How can you grow your business if you’re constantly worried about cybersecurity?   You need a managed security service provider who will relieve you from daily security management and help you scale your business.    With cyberattacks becoming increasingly sophisticated and multi-vector, security management has become a herculean task. You need a vast array of tools and technologies that protect your business from all possible attack angles.   Managed security service providers (MSSPs) are a boon for SMEs looking to scale up their security posture. This blog will shed light on the multiple benefits of MSSPs, the top managed security service providers of ... Read more

8 Best Email Security Practices To Follow in 2022

During the pandemic, the world shifted from working from the office to working from home, and communication between people changed from verbal to email. This shift increased the attack surface for hackers and showed how vital Email security is and how it is now more critical than ever. Email security ranked the top IT security project of 2021 in the Greathorn 2021 Email Security Benchmark study. Therefore, you must take substantial steps to safeguard your marketing emails and some of the best email security solutions. But, before getting into how we can make our email secure, we first need to ... Read more

7 Benefits of EDR(Endpoint Detection and Response) for Your Organization

The evolution of our workplace has led to increased mobility and ease of operation. At the same time, it has also opened our IT system to more vulnerabilities. The average number of endpoints in an IT system has tremendously increased in the past few years, especially since the pandemic ushered in remote working. Unprotected endpoints are a large attack surface for cyberattacks. Without robust cybersecurity measures, hackers can easily leverage the existing vulnerabilities in your network. Cybercriminals target and attack endpoints for various reasons, such as infecting endpoint devices with ransomware, stealing confidential data, planting bad bots, or carrying out ... Read more

3 Key Industries Benefiting from MSSP: BFSI, Healthcare & Retail Sector

When it comes to cyberattacks, the biggest mistake is thinking, “it won’t happen to me.”  The frequency of cybercrimes is rising at an unprecedented rate, with 66% of global companies having experienced cyberattacks in the last year. The attacks have become targeted, sophisticated, and multi-vector. In such a threat landscape, how can you be sure of your safety?  This blog will focus on the top three industries at risk of malicious cyberattacks. If you belong to these industries, you need to pay close attention. If you belong outside these industries, pay more immediate attention because your industry is also on ... Read more