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Sage CRM On-Premise vs. Sage CRM Hosting: What Should You Choose?

Despite the emergence of multiple CRMs worldwide, Sage CRM holds the lion’s share. However, the availability of two types of Sage CRM, i.e., Sage CRM Cloud and Sage CRM On-Premises, can often make it challenging to choose the best fit for your business.  In this post, we will compare the two versions, show you the differences, and help you decide which one to opt for your business. Read on!  What do Sage CRM On-Premise and Sage CRM Hosting on Cloud Offer?  If you are new to Sage CRM, you must know what both the Sage CRM solutions offer. From marketing ... Read more

5 Benefits of Sage 100 ERP For Manufacturing Industry

For any business to thrive, it is necessary to do quality resource planning. A proper resource plan helps in leveraging your finances and growing your business well. And when it comes to managing resources in the manufacturing industry, nothing is better than Sage 100 ERP software. It is a software solution for all your enterprise’s needs – you can simplify the manufacturing process, issue work orders, maintain bills, and do much more. It offers different modules for managing inventory, generating sales orders, streamlining material procurement, and other processes. Let’s have a more in-depth look at how Sage 100 ERP can ... Read more

How Hosted Sage 100 Contractor Saves Time and Increases Productivity

$17.5 trillion is the predicted global construction spending by 2030. This means that the contractors’ cash flow will also increase exponentially, they should use the right software and technologies. Sage 100 Contractor is a widely known software, designed especially for contractors and construction businesses. The software helps them in performing and managing their day-to-day business operations, boosting their productivity and improving time-management skills. You can purchase the license and install the software on your local desktop. However, the local installation will limit the software’s capabilities, eventually limiting your productivity and efficiency. Sage 100 Contractor cloud hosting has proven to be ... Read more

Top 5 Features of Sage 50 You Should Know About

Accounting industry in the U.S. is embracing the advanced technologies that are coming up in the market. The tax industry is also adopting the idea of ‘making tax digital’ at a high rate. In the past, one could easily find accountants working manually to manage their clients’ data and filing taxes. However, they now love using the best-in-class accounting software to handle their work-related responsibilities, one of which is Sage 50 software. Known as one of the leading accounting software, Sage 50 is loved by accountants and accounting firms. This software is best suited to handle accounting tasks related to ... Read more

6 Ways Sage 50 Cloud Hosting Can Help Save Time and Money

Sage 50 is a suitable accounting solution for SMBs. The software offers all the mechanisms and functionalities that enables easy and accurate accounting. However, on-premise hosting of Sage 50 software has its limitations. Setting up the local infrastructure to host the Sage 50 software takes up a lot of your time and budget. A solution to this is Sage 50 cloud hosting. Sage 50 on the cloud is a perfect combination a company needs to grow and make their business processes more effective and productive. Let us see how cloud eliminates the restrictions of the desktop variant of Sage 50 ... Read more

Best Add-Ons To Delimit Sage Software

Update: This article was last updated on 25th September 2020 to reflect the accuracy and up-to-date information on the page. Sage is one of the market leaders for providing software for integrated accounting, payroll systems, payment systems, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Sage software enables the user to access all the business-related data and processes critical to your business from a single platform. However, the demands of the businesses are unquenchable and ever-increasing. Businesses today are always looking for smarter solutions that not only add value to their companies but also enhance their efficiency. Sage software is capable of meeting ... Read more

Why Should You Host Your Sage 100 ERP System on Cloud?

Sage 100 ERP is a software system designed to help small and medium-sized business (SMBs) manage their business resources in an effective manner. The ERP suite provides a broad selection of modules such as payroll, core accounting and finance, e-commerce, manufacturing, distribution, and inventory control. Hosted Sage 100 ERP solution helps companies make the most out of the software and manage their processes more effectively. Below are some more benefits of hosting Sage 100 ERP system on the cloud. 1. Anytime, Anywhere Access The productivity of a company should not be reduced by ill-equipped workforce or traveling. One of the ... Read more

How Sage 300 ERP Cloud Hosting Help Optimize Your Business?

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is the thread that bounds all the critical elements of business together. Nowadays, there are various ERP software applications available in the market that help you in managing your business process. One of the most prominent ERP software available in the market today is Sage 300 ERP. From construction to manufacturing, it is the preferred choice of every industry. The Sage 300 ERP software enables you to access all the business processes necessary for your business to function on a single platform. Keeping track of orders, real-time inventory status, automating your finances, and managing payments ... Read more

[Video] 5 Benefits of Hosting Your Sage Application on the Cloud

Sage has been successfully supporting businesses around the globe with a variety of accounting software solutions for CPAs and accounting firms. Right from startup and SMBs to enterprises, Sage offers a wide range of software applications to assist different business operations of any scale. It has been a market leader in the desktop-based accounting software for a long time. However, the desktop software has its restrictions that limit the productivity and efficiency of the CPAs and accountants. Many accountants are now shifting towards cloud-based solutions by hosting their Sage application on the cloud because of the benefits the cloud offers ... Read more