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Black Friday – 8 Ways To Arrange Your Store When It Is Crowded With Merchandise

The first thought that comes to every American after Thanksgiving is the nationally recognized holiday, which is known as Black Friday. On this day, Americans wake up well before the time and head to malls for the year’s best deals for Christmas gifts. For years, this has been a tradition for most people to form lines outside stores and shopping centers to ensure that they can get everything they want at the lowest prices. Last year, 2018, Thanksgiving day brought in $3.7 billion in sales, and Black Friday brought $6.7 billion in online sales, according to Adobe Data Analytics. Black ... Read more

Top 10 Retail Trends For 2020

The future of retail is unfolding before our eyes. The retail industry is expected to change drastically by the year 2020. From socially influenced and personalized to collaborative, the retail industry will change the way businesses have been managed for the past decade. Retail businesses are going to be more customer-centric and inclined towards adopting new technologies to deliver enhanced customer experience. It is expected that by the year 2020, shoppers would pay more for faster deliveries, checkout-less stores will become a real thing, augmented reality will transform the online and in-store shopping experience. According to a survey by Accenture, ... Read more

7 Customer Service Techniques To Improve Your Retail Sales

What is the most important thing that retailers can do to attract and retain more customers? The answer is obvious: giving them the best customer service. Customers are the lifeblood of the retail industry. A thriving retail business will always have a great relationship with its customers. Customer service isn’t a new concept, as retail has always been about people. But some businesses do not realize it until their sales are affected because of unsatisfied customers. According to a survey by Accenture, the estimated cost of customers switching retailers due to poor customer service is $1.6 trillion. Hence, retail sales ... Read more

Top 10 Add-ons For QuickBooks Point-of-Sale Software

QuickBooks POS (QB POS) is one of the best Point-of-Sale solutions in the retail industry, which makes the retail process fast and efficient. It provides Point-of-Sale features such as inventory management, payment and return processing, and many more. Despite having various features, there are some requirements in every retail process that cannot be fulfilled by QuickBooks POS alone. Ranging from small businesses to multi-store business, retailers need additional tools and applications which can give them hassle-free management of retail processes. To fulfill and enhance the retail experience, add-ons (also called third-party tools) are integrated with QuickBooks Point-of-Sale software to save ... Read more

6 Challenges Multi-branch Stores Face and How Cloud Solves Them

Expansion in the retail business is generally recognized as a sign of success. However, it comes with its complications and challenges, especially when it concerns managing multiple branches at different locations. Going from a single store to various storefronts isn’t just a matter of addition, but you have to change the way to operate the business. Retail industry has evolved, and now it not just revolves around making more sales and bringing in new customers. The competition is furious in the retail industry, and customer experience has become the major influencing factor like never before. Cloud technology is one technology ... Read more

Top Challenges Faced By Retailers and How Cloud Solves Them

The face of the retail industry across the globe isn’t just changing but evolving with time. How people do businesses and how the buyers make purchase decisions have changed considerably over the years. To keep the business up and running, the retailers need to think much more than just profit margins. It includes growing their reach to the customers with the help of multiple stores, maintaining the stock flow and supplies, handling business marketing, etc. Indeed, the retail industry revolves around making more sales and bringing in more customers. But behind the process of making a sale lies the challenges ... Read more

5 Simple Ways to Increase Sales at Your Retail Store

The most common, the simplest definition of a retail business says that it is the type of business where products of some specific kind are sold to customers. At its foundation, the objective of every retail business is to make more sales by bringing in as many customers as possible. Therefore, every retailer does his/her part to attract target customers to the local store in a variety of ways. But sometimes, customers just do not come inside the retail store to buy stuff. All the marketing tactics seem to go in vain, resulting in losses as well. In the contemporary ... Read more

How To Choose a Point-of-Sale (POS) System For Your Business: 5 Tips

Gone are the days when people needed to enter every detail of cash flow, sales, and product inventory in a register. The retail industry is moving towards and adapting technology in every possible way. One such technologically advanced solution for them is a POS or Point-of-Sale system. It has made keeping track of sales, product inventory, and even customers easier for both small and big retail businesses. Its features are not just limited to recording sales data or checking out customers. It has been designed to become a hub for retail businesses by storing sales-related information, product inventory, customer, and ... Read more

Key Points from Deloitte’s Retail Industry Outlook 2019

Ups and downs in the retail industry have always been there, since the beginning perhaps. But it is also true that time changes and it also changes the way people do business. Talking specifically about the retail industry, things are not as normal as they seem in the current Digital era. Retail is colliding with other consumer-focused sectors and is getting disrupted in between. Consumers are becoming more and more aware of making the right choice of the products or services they need. For the retail businesses, the next twelve to eighteen months is more of an uncertain time which ... Read more