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How is the Pandemic Making a Shift to Move QuickBooks to Cloud Inevitable?

How the accounting firms react to the pandemic would vary, but it is certainly possible to prosper during and after the crisis.  The adoption of cloud technology is growing exponentially across different sectors. Once considered revolutionary technology, cloud accounting has now become the core of firms that want to be competitive, ingenious, and efficient.   The effects of the pandemic have been many throughout the world.  In the accounting sector, COVID-19 has accelerated many transformations that were considered the future of work until recently. It has allowed businesses to put together organizational processes with cloud technology to provide greater scalability and ... Read more

Expert Opinion – What Lessons Did Your Firm Learn During COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has spurred huge changes in technology, transforming the way businesses function all over the world. Many businesses didn’t even have any future plans, and those who planned for the future didn’t expect such a humanitarian crisis to hit the industry. This pandemic has impacted the mindset, thinking, and attitude of many organizations. To know more about it, we, at Ace Cloud Hosting, reached out to a few industry experts to understand what did their firm learn from the pandemic. Let’s find out what they said: 1. Christine Crandell Christine is a career B2B board member, advisor, customer ... Read more

Mike Milan’s Views on Adapting To The New Way of Working

This year has been like a roller coaster for most of the businesses around the world. The coronavirus has significantly affected every part of the industry. With the market shutdowns and social distancing, the workforce was forced to work from home for their own good. Thankfully, the advancements in technologies such as the cloud have made remote working possible during such tough times. With the employees spread all over the world, team collaboration tools that can be operated remotely have made it possible to coordinate with the customers and the workforce efficiently. We, at Ace Cloud Hosting, reached out to ... Read more

Drew Carrick’s Views on Adapting to the New Way of Working

Throughout the world, businesses have made huge adjustments in their work culture this year. 2020 has made it necessary for organizations to mandate their workforce to work from home. While it is new for some, it is entirely normal for others. We’ve now arrived at a point where moving forward with the new normal is the only solution. To help you and your employees adapt to the new ways of working, we at Ace Cloud Hosting reached out to Drew “The Rapping CPA” Carrick to gain some tips to help you plan for a smooth transition. Known in the accounting ... Read more

Remote Working – Should Your Accounting Firm Still Have An Office?

Should you continue working remotely or hurry back to your offices once the pandemic is over? With nearly 50% of the US workforce going remote due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis, working remotely has been steadily becoming a new normal for multiple industries worldwide. Similarly, accounting firms that embraced remote working options before the pandemic may now be looking to continue this new working environment. However, some might still prefer conventional office operations. So, before you decide to accept the remote working setup or start working from your office again, let’s have a look into the difference in the setups ... Read more

Expert Opinion – 5 Experts Share Some Tools and Techniques They Use to Enhance Their Work from Home Productivity

Since everyone is forced to work from home these days, finding some of the most-suited remote working tools and techniques has become a necessity for every business this year. From team collaboration and communication to finance and accounting, there is a software tool required for every business process. To better understand which tool will be better to increase the overall team productivity of your remote workers, Ace Cloud Hosting reached out to a few industry experts who told us what tools and techniques they use to enhance their productivity. Let’s find out: 1. Dock David Treece – Sustainability Coach, The ... Read more

9 Tips to Ensure Data Protection While Working Remotely

COVID-19 has been the talk of the town for a few months now and has forced people to stay inside their homes – USA is no exception. Consequently, the coronavirus has created a culture of remote working. That seems logical – if companies wish to continue their operations and your job profile is location neutral, staying indoors is the best way to reduce the chances of spreading the infection while ensuring that your work is not hampered. Working from home and working from the office is entirely different. You will not be able to interact with your office buddies or ... Read more

Why Data Security Is Of Utmost Priority In Remote Work and How To Ensure It

As companies and nations across the globe band together to fight the coronavirus pandemic, millions of people are participating in this fight by working from home and staying indoors. Staying indoors and maintaining distance from others are the best defense mechanisms we currently have; it is genuinely remarkable how individuals and organizations have adapted to this new lifestyle. Today, remote working is being implemented on all fronts – from delivering essential services to collaborating with different teams. However, the world never saw such a huge magnitude of people working remotely, which, along with the added flexibility to the employees, has ... Read more

With Coronavirus in Mind, Is Your Accounting Firm Prepared for Future?

As coronavirus cases soar across the USA, it will take time for things to come back to normal. This time will go into our history books as no one would have imagined the impact of a microscopic virus. It is crucial to ‘slowly’ revive the economy. This ‘new normal’ will bridge the gap between an economic crisis and our safety from the virus. The ‘new normal’ may also mean to make significant changes in business processes or business models. Businesses across the country are taking steps to prepare themselves for the time ahead, especially accounting firms. Those firms which adapt ... Read more