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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting a QuickBooks Hosting Provider

Don’t let your first foray into QuickBooks hosting become an ordeal. If you want to host your QuickBooks on the cloud, read on to find out the mistakes to look out for.   Choosing the best QuickBooks hosting provider for your small business may feel like a chore, especially when you discover many cloud service providers vying with different plans to host your QuickBooks. Reviewing the options provided by these cloud providers and deciding on the right one can be overwhelming. And thus, making mistakes at this stage is easy to do.   While mistakes are a part of the learning process ... Read more

FAQs: 7 Commonly Asked Questions About QuickBooks Hosting

Hosting QuickBooks on the cloud brings great promise, but also confusion to the accounting sector. Key questions are answered in this blog.   Moving QuickBooks to the cloud is a big change for many businesses. Understanding the ins and outs of QuickBooks hosting and how your company can take advantage of the numerous benefits is often a tough task.  Here are the top 7 questions on QuickBooks hosting with their answers.  1. What is QuickBooks Hosting?  QuickBooks hosting is the installation of QuickBooks software on the network server hosted over the internet. Simply put, with hosted QuickBooks, data and files can ... Read more

How is the Pandemic Making a Shift to Move QuickBooks to Cloud Inevitable?

How the accounting firms react to the pandemic would vary, but it is certainly possible to prosper during and after the crisis.  The adoption of cloud technology is growing exponentially across different sectors. Once considered revolutionary technology, cloud accounting has now become the core of firms that want to be competitive, ingenious, and efficient.   The effects of the pandemic have been many throughout the world.  In the accounting sector, COVID-19 has accelerated many transformations that were considered the future of work until recently. It has allowed businesses to put together organizational processes with cloud technology to provide greater scalability and ... Read more

Why Host QuickBooks Enterprise On Cloud?

QuickBooks Enterprise sure packs a punch for its extensive tool-set and various features. It can effortlessly cater to different industry verticals, with mid-size and large businesses exclusively using it for their operations.   However, with recent developments in the cloud industry, it is now possible to have a next-generation experience by hosting QuickBooks Enterprise on the cloud. Cloud hosting helps you overcome QB Enterprise desktop limitations like restricted access, inadequate data security, etc.   Simply speaking, you can enjoy more benefits with a hosted QuickBooks Enterprise solution. Here, let’s have a look at the top 11 reasons why you should host QuickBooks Enterprise ... Read more

Top 6 Ways To Keep Your Data Safe As A QuickBooks Hosting User

Cloud computing has become increasingly popular in the last few years. The accounting sector is also not far behind and actively utilizing the cloud to host QuickBooks, a popular accounting software.     While cloud hosting remains a one-stop destination for modern businesses, recent data security breaches have raised questions about its integrity. According to a survey, over 79% of business owners have experienced a data breach in the past. The majority of them, surprisingly, were not due to an outsider. They were caused by human error, misconfigured cloud server, improper administrative settings, faulty security configurations, etc.   But don’t worry! To err ... Read more

How Does QuickBooks Hosting Benefit A Business?

A successful business results from making the right decisions at the right time. Also, utilizing the right skills, talent, and efforts to build a strong foundation for a profitable enterprise is equally important. One crucial component for a prosperous business is choosing the right accounting software suitable for your business needs.  While there are many in the market, QuickBooks is one of the most widely used worldwide. It finds its use cases in accounting, construction, retail, logistics, manufacturing, and more. According to Infoclutch, QuickBooks holds a market share of 62.23% worldwide.When we talk about better accounting and, more importantly, efficient ... Read more

Why Is QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Better Than On-Premise?

Technology is rapidly evolving and so are the accounting solutions. It becomes a critical task while deciding which one is better for you. Deciding how to use your QuickBooks is like choosing between buying or leasing a house; each comes with a different set of advantages or risks. What works for today’s accounting market might not give your benefits tomorrow, and with a specific cost structure.   Let’s look at some elements that will help you clear your choice: whether to go with a cloud service provider or in-house server options.  1. Accessibility   Cloud-based QuickBooks offers greater control over accounting ... Read more

A Complete Guide to QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting for Businesses

Are you using QuickBooks Enterprise for managing your day-to-day business operations? As a business owner, you must be aware of the unique offerings QuickBooks Enterprise brings to the table. However, with the business environment becoming more challenging, simply using QB Enterprise is not enough. Its conventional setup does not offer the flexibility and remote access needed to excel in these modern times. But there is a way to enhance the capabilities of your QuickBooks Enterprise solution. With QuickBooks Enterprise hosting, you can access your files remotely by using the device of your choice. What is QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting? A QB ... Read more

How To Choose The Best QuickBooks Server For Your Business?

QuickBooks has undoubtedly become an integral part of the accounting industry with its offerings that take care of invoices, expenses, bookkeeping, and more. However, it is a desktop application. That means there will be accessibility limitations. Therefore, it is crucial to find a flexible solution to overcome it.  Hosting QuickBooks on the cloud can improve its functionalities exponentially. Further, choosing the best QuickBooks server for hosting the application lets you maximize its benefits and increase organizational productivity. There are many options available in the market and all of them offer unique benefits. So, it becomes crucial to compare them per ... Read more