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Why are CPAs Moving Their QuickBooks to the Cloud?

QuickBooks is one of the most popular accounting software in use today. It is the most widely used accounting solution among CPAs and accounting firms. However, the time has changed the way CPAs use their QuickBooks.  Instead of using it locally, they prefer using it over the cloud. CPAs can choose to deploy their cloud infrastructure or choose a third-party hosting provider. Most CPAs usually go for the latter. It is much more beneficial than deploying the setup. QuickBooks hosting carries various benefits for CPAs. To better understand it, let’s have a detailed analysis:  1.  Access On the Go   Most ... Read more

How Security Plays Important Role in QuickBooks Hosting

With every passing day, more and more business owners embrace QuickBooks hosting. There are many reasons for adopting QuickBooks on the cloud, such as remote accessibility, managed IT infrastructure, etc.    The rise of cyberattacks is also one of the primary reasons behind the rising popularity of QB hosting. This is because experienced hosting providers offer multiple security measures, making it necessary for organizations to prioritize data security.   Here are a few ways by which QuickBooks hosting plays an essential role in data security:   1. Access to top-grade security infrastructure   Modern hackers have become increasingly sophisticated and now use advanced ... Read more

QuickBooks Hosting: Save Extra Expenses with Ease

When QuickBooks is hosted on the cloud, it begins to provide future benefits that were practically unimaginable for accountants just a few years ago. It is flourishing in various businesses; especially as remote working has become common during COVID-19.    QuickBooks hosting delivers significant financial benefits such as better budget planning and improved workplace efficiency.   1.  No extra workplace expenses Maintaining the office space is one of the significant expenditures that all business owners must haggle with. In a conventional setup, you’d have to spend a lot of money on things like maintaining a decent office space, keeping it clean, buying ... Read more

10 Best Considerations Before Moving Your QuickBooks to the Cloud

QuickBooks on the cloud offer broader capabilities than traditional QB Desktop. It is remotely accessible from anywhere, anytime via a compatible device such as a smartphone, laptop, iPad, MacBook, etc. Furthermore, it offers real-time access to QuickBooks files, allowing you to make critical business decisions on the go.    However, before moving your QuickBooks to the cloud, several factors like organizational requirements, data center quality, security features, etc., should be considered. This will allow you to understand hosted QuickBooks and get the most out of it.   Here are the top ten factors to consider before moving your QuickBooks to the cloud:   ... Read more

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting a QuickBooks Hosting Provider

Don’t let your first foray into QuickBooks hosting become an ordeal. If you want to host your QuickBooks on the cloud, read on to find out the mistakes to look out for.   Choosing the best QuickBooks hosting provider for your small business may feel like a chore, especially when you discover many cloud service providers vying with different plans to host your QuickBooks. Reviewing the options provided by these cloud providers and deciding on the right one can be overwhelming. And thus, making mistakes at this stage is easy to do.   While mistakes are a part of the learning process ... Read more

FAQs: 7 Commonly Asked Questions About QuickBooks Hosting

Hosting QuickBooks on the cloud brings great promise, but also confusion to the accounting sector. Key questions are answered in this blog.   Moving QuickBooks to the cloud is a big change for many businesses. Understanding the ins and outs of QuickBooks hosting and how your company can take advantage of the numerous benefits is often a tough task.  Here are the top 7 questions on QuickBooks hosting with their answers.  1. What is QuickBooks Hosting?  QuickBooks hosting is the installation of QuickBooks software on the network server hosted over the internet. Simply put, with hosted QuickBooks, data and files can ... Read more

How is the Pandemic Making a Shift to Move QuickBooks to Cloud Inevitable?

How the accounting firms react to the pandemic would vary, but it is certainly possible to prosper during and after the crisis.  The adoption of cloud technology is growing exponentially across different sectors. Once considered revolutionary technology, cloud accounting has now become the core of firms that want to be competitive, ingenious, and efficient.   The effects of the pandemic have been many throughout the world.  In the accounting sector, COVID-19 has accelerated many transformations that were considered the future of work until recently. It has allowed businesses to put together organizational processes with cloud technology to provide greater scalability and ... Read more

Why Host QuickBooks Enterprise On Cloud?

QuickBooks Enterprise sure packs a punch for its extensive tool-set and various features. It can effortlessly cater to different industry verticals, with mid-size and large businesses exclusively using it for their operations.   However, with recent developments in the cloud industry, it is now possible to have a next-generation experience by hosting QuickBooks Enterprise on the cloud. Cloud hosting helps you overcome QB Enterprise desktop limitations like restricted access, inadequate data security, etc.   Simply speaking, you can enjoy more benefits with a hosted QuickBooks Enterprise solution. Here, let’s have a look at the top 11 reasons why you should host QuickBooks Enterprise ... Read more

Top 6 Ways To Keep Your Data Safe As A QuickBooks Hosting User

Cloud computing has become increasingly popular in the last few years. The accounting sector is also not far behind and actively utilizing the cloud to host QuickBooks, a popular accounting software.     While cloud hosting remains a one-stop destination for modern businesses, recent data security breaches have raised questions about its integrity. According to a survey, over 79% of business owners have experienced a data breach in the past. The majority of them, surprisingly, were not due to an outsider. They were caused by human error, misconfigured cloud server, improper administrative settings, faulty security configurations, etc.   But don’t worry! To err ... Read more