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Struggling With Cloud Solution? Here’s How Ace Public Cloud Can Solve Your Problem

Businesses and organizations are facing challenges on several fronts — on the business front, there are start-ups who are out to disrupt the status quo and on the technology front, digital transformation is creating a complex technology landscape which organizations have to deal with in a deft and seamless manner. The modern workforce is more diverse as well as more dispersed than ever before. Employees can be located in far-flung locations as ‘remote work’ becomes routine. Many tech start-ups, software development companies, software testing companies, or AI/ML businesses are naturally more digital savvy than the old brick-and-mortar businesses. Unlike Fortune ... Read more

Innovating Traditional Banking with Public Cloud

Banking has undergone seismic changes in recent years. From the advent of mobile payments to new methods of making deposits — such as peer-to-peer lending and crowdfunding — as well as new disruptors such as Bitcoin, the traditional banking model has come under intense pressure. New technologies have allowed financial competitors to take a slice of the banking pie away from traditional banks and change the way we think about finance forever. Try Super-fast, Scalable & Secure Public Cloud Today!Get Free $300 CreditSIGN UP Public Cloud Has Led to A Shakeup of Banks’ Obsolete Business Blueprints Did you know, in ... Read more

The Rising Popularity of Public Cloud is Reforming the Healthcare Ecosystem

Healthcare is an industry fueled by the desire to manage people’s health and well-being. However, the majority of healthcare institutions have been a prey to the ever-increasing cyber-attacks, and large-scale data breaches. These institutions are particularly wary of all their sensitive data such as patient health records, personal information, social security numbers and health insurance getting leaked as well as maintaining the privacy of patients. Healthcare data is one of the sacred responsibilities of healthcare institutions. In such a scenario, hospitals, health systems, and integrated delivery networks are looking to public cloud resources and services to ensure better patient service ... Read more

Cybersecurity and Data Governance for the Public Cloud

Almost every business is proceeding towards the migration of technical services and platforms to the cloud platforms for leveraging various business advantages using one of the three or all three cloud services- IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. The landscape of benefits includes the following but is also not limited to cost reduction, scalability of economies, quick deployment of information systems, agility, and better processing speed. However, subscribing to cloud services does bring compliance and security challenges for which enterprises are usually unprepared. A few of the frequently occurring security challenges are credential and access management, vulnerabilities of the system, data breaching, ... Read more

A Look into the Future: What will the Public Cloud Industry Look Like in 5 Years?

Since the 2020 COVID epidemic, the use of public cloud services by businesses of all sizes has increased steadily to an all-time high and is expected to reach nearly $600 billion, according to Gartner. Today, billions of users are able to share their resources around the world and maintain data security by leveraging the public cloud. With such widespread growth and adoption, new trends and technologies are bound to be introduced making public clouds more automated and environment-friendly. Let’s look at the latest developments and trends in the cloud market. 4 Key Trends to Look Forward to in the Cloud ... Read more

How To Evaluate Cloud Service Provider Security

“Cloud is the powerhouse that drives today’s digital organizations” – Sid Nag, Gartner Over the past decade, the public cloud adoption rate has been increasing rapidly. Businesses among all the industries are moving their infrastructure partly or fully to the cloud. According to Gartner reports, worldwide end-user spending for Public Cloud is expected to reach nearly $600 billion by 2023. However, with the increase in public cloud adoption by businesses, there is an increase in security challenges as there is lack of cloud expertise, insufficient staff to manage cloud environments, etc. This is where the cloud service providers come in ... Read more

Block storage vs Object storage – Which One to Choose for Your Business?

Businesses today struggle to find a way of storing unprecedented amounts of data cost-effectively and securely — while ensuring moderated access — and look for techniques which are scalable and flexible. Each bit of data, be it images, text, customer information, employee records, financial documentation, custom applications or big data analytics, requires you to decide where and how to store this data securely. The days of simply storing files to a disc on a single server have long since passed due to former approach’s incapability to scale and adapt to today’s complicated deployments, containers, and ephemeral architecture. According to a ... Read more

How Cloud Solutions Can Help Your Business Grow

When you consider the two decades of this century that have gone by, one of the fundamental changes in how business is conducted has been the pervasive use of computing technologies in all aspects of running a business — from marketing to customer support to Big Data analytics to maintaining customer records or health records or financial records. The role of computing in running businesses is nowhere near a plateau either — it continues to grow relentlessly. The need for computing resources — as well as storage and networking resources — for businesses is so extensive (and also expensive) that ... Read more

Hybrid Cloud vs Multi-Cloud: Know Which Is Ideal for Your Business

Global cloud adoption rate has been expanding rapidly especially in the past few years since it distinctively provides more security than local servers and eliminates the need to worry about losing your crucial data in case of an unpredictable disaster. However, rapid growth of cloud technologies is particularly confusing to businesses new to cloud adoption, and they sometimes go wrong while choosing the right cloud model. Since there is no single best cloud computing model, enterprises need to understand their requirements before opting for one because as the technologies change, they continuously try to adopt the right cloud to achieve ... Read more