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Why Security and Performance Are Important When Choosing Lacerte Hosting Provider?

The use of cloud technology in the accounting sector has now become pervasive. Businesses of all sizes are adopting the technology, and the cloud market is expanding rapidly. According to a report by Sage, a majority of accountants believe that cloud makes their processes easier. 53% of respondents agreed that they’ve adopted cloud accounting on many levels. With the increased adoption of the cloud, the challenges concerning security and performance have also increased. It can be difficult for small firms to find the best Lacerte cloud hosting provider to suit their business strategy. Many cloud providers are offering Lacerte software ... Read more

6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Lacerte Tax Software on Cloud

Update: This article was last updated on 24th Dec 2019 to reflect the accuracy and up-to-date information on the page. Lacerte tax software, developed by Intuit, is by far one of the most productive and useful software for tax-related processes. It is quite popular among tax preparers and CPAs who are working round the clock during the tax season. According to the latest Tax Software 2019 survey from The Tax Adviser and Journal Of Accountancy, Lacerte is one of the popular tax software for both personal and business returns and earned an average rating of 4.3 on a scale of 5. ... Read more

Lacerte Tax Software – Host it on Cloud to Get Maximum Benefits

Tax returns can be a tough and complex task. So, accounting professionals rely on the tax software that sort out hassles and possibility of errors. Among the many options available with tax software options, Lacerte commands a gigantic customer base. For a number of features, such as – automated calculations of complex returns, direct access to numerous forms, E-Signature, etc., Lacerte Tax Software is a favorite tool of many accounting professionals over the globe. Being a desktop application, it’s abilities are being challenged by cloud-based applications. Though such applications lack on tax processing features, other features, like – data security, ... Read more

Why You Should Take Lacerte to the Cloud This Tax Season

Only a few things are certain. Earlier it was just death, then tax came into the count and now tech experts have added cloud to the list – specifically for those who are working on the taxes more than most people. Lacerte is one of the most commonly used tax software among CPAs and other accounting professionals working intensively on the filing client returns. The software in its desktop version is able to offer a number of features ranging from massive built-in forms to real-time Federal and State e-file information. All these features make Lacerte a competent tax software but ... Read more