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Top 7 Benefits of Hosting Lacerte Tax Software on the Cloud

One of the most valuable and productive tools for taxation-related tasks and processes, Lacerte Tax Software, is popular amongst individuals and businesses. Some of the key offerings of the software program allow you to prepare taxes, collect data, research, consult, and effectively perform practice management. In addition, the software enables you to bring a significant reduction in time being spent on complex and critical tax-related tasks with its end-to-end solution.  Over the years, cloud-hosted services have experienced a significant spike in their use. Hosting Lacerte Tax Software on cloud is no different. The process gives you an excellent opportunity to ... Read more

How Hosting Lacerte Tax Software on the Cloud Beats On-Premise?

Tax professionals have been increasingly tapping into the power of the cloud for managing their Lacerte Tax software. This way, they can mitigate its limitations like device-dependent access, tedious IT management, inadequate data security, etc. However, some people are still apprehensive about adopting software hosting, robbing them of rich hosting experience. Nowadays, cloud hosting has become more accessible and straightforward with the emergence of third-party hosting providers. All you need is to pay an economical subscription fee, and they will provide you with the IT infrastructure.    But before that, you must understand why Lacerte hosting offers better ROI than its ... Read more

Lacerte 1040 Tax Planner and Analyzer – What You Need To Know

Lacerte is a robust tax software solution offered by Intuit. It is one of the highest-rated tax applications in the market that is preferred by businesses of all sizes. Lacerte Tax Software is known to handle the complex returns seamlessly with the help of an extensive set of features it offers, such as: A comprehensive library of over 5,700 forms Automated calculations for increased accuracy More than 25,000 diagnostics to check errors and omissions Tools to detect missing client data In addition to the features mentioned above, Intuit also offers one of the most efficient productivity tools: Lacerte 1040 Tax ... Read more

What Is The Difference Between Lacerte and ProSeries?

Intuit offers robust professional desktop-based tax software solutions, namely Lacerte tax software and ProSeries tax software. Both solutions have a comprehensive set of features that has emerged as a boon for tax preparers. The use of these tax software has reduced paper consumption and saved time for tax professionals. Therefore, it becomes difficult to choose the perfect fit between both of the tax applications. Here is a detailed insight into both applications: Lacerte Tax Software Lacerte software is preferred by the users as it offers a wide range of features that are not covered by any other tax application in ... Read more

Is Lacerte Cloud-Based?

Lacerte Tax Software is a desktop-based application offered by Intuit. It has an extensive set of features to help the accounting and tax professionals, which includes comprehensive form library, error diagnosis, automated calculations, tax law alerts, and more. However, being a desktop application, Lacerte Tax Software doesn’t have certain features like remote access, multi-user collaboration, and scalable resources as covered by the cloud-based applications. But, one can opt for Lacerte Tax Software Hosting to cover up these limitations. Lacerte Hosting means that the tax software is hosted on the cloud of a third-party hosting provider. It offers the flexibility and mobility benefits to its users. ... Read more

How Lacerte Cloud Hosting Can Improve Productivity and Increase Your Billable Hours

Albert Einstein said, “The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax.” Today, CPAs and tax professionals have made it easier for people to understand and file their tax returns. And, now there are many tax software in the market to make the work of tax professionals easier. Among all the software, Lacerte is the most used tax software to prepare tax returns as reviewed by  Journal of Accountancy survey in September 2019. The reason why Lacerte is so popular among its users is that it offers several features to meet every need of the individual taxpayer ... Read more

Lacerte Remote Access: 5 Benefits

Tax software has made the tedious tax return and filing processes simpler for the accounting professionals and tax preparers. It also reduces the possibility of errors during tax filing. Nowadays, there are several tax software in the market to choose from, and Lacerte is one of the predominantly used software, according to a survey by Journal Of Accountancy. Lacerte tax software meets the needs of individual taxpayers as well as business clients for a coherent tax filing process. Users prefer Lacerte software for its wide range of features that include: User-friendly interface, Comprehensive form library, Hassle-free E-organizer, E-signature, Error Diagnostics, Automated ... Read more

Top 10 Features of Lacerte Software

Lacerte Tax is a powerful tax preparing application by Intuit. It caters to the needs of individual taxpayers as well as the business clients for a seamless tax filing process. Lacerte offers customized packages as per the specific requirements of users which includes: Lacerte 200 Federal 1040: For preparing up to 200 individual federal tax returns Lacerte Unlimited Modules: For unlimited individual and business tax returns Lacerte REP: Pay-as-you-go pricing plan for limited filing of tax returns Intuit Lacerte is preferred by its users due to its wide range of features, which provide tax-related solutions to firms of all sizes. ... Read more

Top Best Lacerte Add-ons for Accountants and Tax Preparers

Update: This article was last updated on 21st June 2021 to reflect the accuracy and up-to-date information on the page. Lacerte is a renowned professional tax preparation software offered by Intuit. It provides features and tools for error-diagnosis, automated calculations, tracking missing data, tax law alerts, and more. It has significantly helped CPAs, accountants, and tax preparers save a significant number of hours by increasing their overall productivity and efficiency. However, it lacks in certain functionalities required for specific tasks. For example, tax preparers find the need to import accounting reports into the Lacerte software for a better tax filing ... Read more