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Desktop as a Service: Debunking Myths

The virtualization of desktops is one of the fastest-growing trends. Desktop as a service is the technology that empowers enterprises to migrate VDI workloads to the cloud. Not only does it deliver remote access to the users, but it also allows multiple users to work securely in a dedicated space. In addition to multi-user compatibility, it saves an enormous amount of money on new hardware. As an authorized Citrix partner, Ace Cloud Hosting has delivered secure, scalable, and cost-effective virtual desktop solutions, giving remote access to the business.  These are a few questions that businesses had while going for remote ... Read more

Questions to Ask Tax Software Hosting Provider Before Starting a Cloud Journey

The benefits provided by cloud technology are too great to ignore – particularly for tax professionals and accounting firms. Most tax professionals are now using the latest technologies to simplify their day-to-day tasks and focus on key business operations.   While there are many tax software available – Drake, Lacerte, ATX, or TaxWise, the important thing is accessing them from anywhere via the cloud. That’s where hosting tax software on the cloud comes into play. Simply stated, the cloud helps businesses streamline their operations with the numerous features it offers.   As there are many cloud providers in the market to host ... Read more

Why Is QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Better Than On-Premise?

Technology is rapidly evolving and so are the accounting solutions. It becomes a critical task while deciding which one is better for you. Deciding how to use your QuickBooks is like choosing between buying or leasing a house; each comes with a different set of advantages or risks. What works for today’s accounting market might not give your benefits tomorrow, and with a specific cost structure.   Let’s look at some elements that will help you clear your choice: whether to go with a cloud service provider or in-house server options.  1. Accessibility   Cloud-based QuickBooks offers greater control over accounting ... Read more

QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting for Productive Accounting Firm

Most businesses use QuickBooks Enterprise to manage their accounting needs. It is especially popular among accounting firms as it helps accountants manage their intricate processes efficiently. It offers end-to-end accounting solutions like payroll, payables, reporting, inventory tracking, etc. It also has complex, customizable features like Advanced Pricing and Assisted Payroll to meet all the business requirements. However, QuickBooks Enterprise installed on Desktop has limitations like limited access to software & files, inefficient collaboration, data security challenges, and more. Hosting QuickBooks Enterprise on cloud can resolve all these limitations for your accounting firm. Moreover, QBES hosting also helps you create the ... Read more

How To Protect Against Phone Scams During Tax Season?

Mobile phones are among the most valued properties for everyone, whether it’s an employee or business owner. Earlier, phones were just used to make calls, but now they have all the details from personal, professional, to financial information. Cybercriminals know this, and they are coming up with new ideas to trick people. These crimes certainly increase during the tax season.  So it is crucial to stay alert and know how to protect yourself against these phone scams during the tax season. Here are some useful tips to be safe against phone scam during tax season:  Fake IRS calls are one ... Read more

Should You Move to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)? [INFOGRAPHIC]

The term ‘VDI’ or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure was originated by VMware. Since its inception in 2006, the VDI market has grown to another level. Desktop virtualization has taken a rise, and we can see how the working environment has changed with the BYOD regime followed in many premises. Businesses are shifting from traditional methods of doing work due to the work-from-home culture. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure(VDI) provides an office working environment from any location & any device they want. Should you move to VDI? The answers lie in the key benefits that were originally proclaimed & remain the top reasons for ... Read more

Hosted VDI Cost Calculation: Which Factors Impact Your VDI Pricing

In the traditional IT infrastructure scenario, there are many cost-related challenges due to substantial capital investments in physical desktops that lead to the decline in growth. To overcome this, businesses have found a solution in hosted VDI. Hosted VDI is a service in which VDI-based virtual desktops are created by third-party providers and delivered to end-users on their personal devices, such as a smartphone, laptops, and tabs. As per market research reports, the cloud-based VDI market is predicted to reach $10 Billion by 2023. Companies prefer hosted VDI services due to the benefits like flexibility, mobility, and security at a ... Read more

Tax Season 2021: Checklist For Tax Professionals

Tax Season 2021 is around the corner, and it is when most people start wrapping up their documents to be compliant with the taxes. Also, this is when people reach out to the tax professionals for help with tax filing. With several clients turning up to the tax professionals, it becomes challenging for them to keep up with their needs and the deadlines. Thus, it is advisable to prepare a plan and gather all the required information beforehand for a smoother tax season. To help tax professionals be ready and prepared for the upcoming busy season, we have curated a ... Read more

How CPAs’ Daily Schedule Should Look Like for Maximum Productivity in Tax Season 2021

2020 has been a roller coaster ride for accounting firms, just like the rest of the world, and this ride doesn’t seem to stop soon. Many experts also believe that the tax season 2021 will bring in a fair share of complexities for accounting and tax professionals. Thus, it is essential to start preparing early than being caught off-guard by a sudden surge of client demands during the tax season. The first and foremost task a CPA should focus on currently is to create a well-balanced work routine to keep themselves, and their team organized. A proper schedule will also ... Read more