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Drew Carrick’s Views on Adapting to the New Way of Working

Throughout the world, businesses have made huge adjustments in their work culture this year. 2020 has made it necessary for organizations to mandate their workforce to work from home. While it is new for some, it is entirely normal for others. We’ve now arrived at a point where moving forward with the new normal is the only solution. To help you and your employees adapt to the new ways of working, we at Ace Cloud Hosting reached out to Drew “The Rapping CPA” Carrick to gain some tips to help you plan for a smooth transition. Known in the accounting ... Read more

“How do you see VDI in the coming years?” Brian Madden Speaks

Brian Madden is involved with 10 books either writing, co-writing, or publishing, owner of the website for more than 15 years. He left the IT industry in 2016 after serving his 21 years & then enjoyed in his camper van by driving around the country. In 2018, he joined VMware & working in the EUC CTO’s office. Ace Cloud Hosting reached to him and asked for his opinion on what he thinks about VDI in the coming years. Here is his answer – “To answer the question “Is VDI dead?”- we need to first understand the fact what VDI ... Read more

Expert Opinion – What Does the Future of the Work Look Like?

With the increase in the remote-working scenarios around the world, 2020 has bought some dramatic changes in the way organizations work. One fact that we know for sure is that intelligent technologies such as cloud, AI, blockchain, and more are redefining the way we work. While many businesses are ready to accept the changes in the work culture, some are still not ready to adapt to such new realities. So, how does the future of the work look like? How should one prepare themselves for the future? Is this the right time to make the change, or not? Well, we ... Read more

Expert Opinion – Do You Ever Ask Your Customers for Feedback? How Do You Deal with Criticism?

Customer feedback is the opinion given by the clients about the products and services offered by the company and whether if they’re meeting the clients’ expectations or not. This not only helps the companies improve their services but also makes their customers feel valued. We, at Ace Cloud Hosting, believe that customer feedback, whether positive or negative, is essential. We reached out to some experts to see if they ask for feedback and how they deal with the criticism. 1. Chip Bell – Senior Partner and Keynote Speaker at Chip Bell Group Dr. Chip R. Bell is a customer service ... Read more

What Challenges Are You Facing While Guiding Your Customers to Create Business Strategies During the Pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced a lot of businesses to change the way they function rapidly. Measures such as social distancing and minimal personal interaction have weakened the communication between the clients and employees. We, at Ace Cloud Hosting, have always believed that genuinely addressing the client’s needs with empathy can strengthen the bonds between them and the organization. We reached out to a few Customer Experience specialists to understand how they are tackling the pandemic and guiding their customers to survive it. Let’s hear what they had to say: 1. Katie Stabler Katie is a Cheshire-based customer experience specialist ... Read more

Expert Opinion – How Do You Know If Your Firm is Client-Centric?

Tech-forward firms describe themselves as client-centric because they have an excellent staff who go out of their way to delight clients. This is all good, right? Well, the staff part is excellent. You want staff who truly care about your clients. But what often holds a tech-forward firm back from being truly client-centric is that some of the systems they ask their clients to use were not designed with the client in mind.  This can cause frustration, confusion, or worse, with clients. So, why the disconnect?  And what can firms do about this? To understand the issue, firm owners first ... Read more

Expert Opinion – 5 Experts Share Some Tools and Techniques They Use to Enhance Their Work from Home Productivity

Since everyone is forced to work from home these days, finding some of the most-suited remote working tools and techniques has become a necessity for every business this year. From team collaboration and communication to finance and accounting, there is a software tool required for every business process. To better understand which tool will be better to increase the overall team productivity of your remote workers, Ace Cloud Hosting reached out to a few industry experts who told us what tools and techniques they use to enhance their productivity. Let’s find out: 1. Dock David Treece – Sustainability Coach, The ... Read more

Expert Opinion- What Randy Johnston Wants Accounting Industry to Know About Cloud

Many accounting professionals and businesses are migrating to cloud platforms because they’ve started to realize the wide range of benefits it offers. Cloud accounting increases productivity by providing features such as remote collaboration, all-time data and application availability, higher uptime, improved performance, top-notch security, and so much more. Although many accounting businesses have started investing in the cloud, there are still many that prefer sticking to their traditional accounting software as they have some unanswered questions. To answer some of those questions, we at Ace Cloud Hosting reached out to Randy Johnston, an industry expert who’ll help you clear all ... Read more

What Jasen Stine Wants The Accounting Industry to Know About The Cloud

There are numerous technological advancements being witnessed every day in this digital era. Therefore, it is essential for accountants to be as good with technology as they are with numbers. However, it can be difficult accountants and CPAs to sift through these new technologies and take full advantage of their capabilities. Technologies like cloud simplify the accountancy practices for the CPA firms by automating daily tasks such as creating reports and collecting financial information, thereby increasing billable hours. To help accountants and tax professionals know more about cloud technology, we reached out to Jasen Stine, who has been in the tax and accounting industry for over 20 years. He is responsible for setting training ... Read more