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Ian Moyse (Cloud Social Influencer) Views on Virtual Desktop Solution & Virtualization

VDI, DaaS, or cloud-hosted desktop are all various desktop virtualization types in demand these days. Vmware & Citrix are advancing in virtual desktop technology by providing high-tech solutions for end-user computing. Recently, there is much growth in the volume of Desktop-as-a-Service providers & VDI vendors. The VDI market has grown to the next level & we can see the visible increase in countries like the USA & UK. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) provides advantages over traditional desktop infrastructure. Some of them include providing low cost that saves significant CapEx investment for better business growth and a high-security database on the ... Read more

Is Hosted VDI Good or Bad for Business?

Cloud-hosted desktop or Hosted Virtual Desktop (HVD) or hosted VDI have many names, but what are its actual pros & cons while deploying this architecture to any business? To elaborate more on this topic, “Is Hosted VDI Good or Bad for Business,” the Ace Cloud Hosting team reached out to an industry expert Chuck Brady for his views. Chuck Brady is a Vice President of the Americas at Liquit, the technology platform that delivers every application, running on every platform, to every user, on any device. His top skills include leadership, startups, and SaaS. He previously worked with a SaaS ... Read more

Hosted VDI Solutions: Trends and Predictions for 2021 & Beyond

The market research shows that the Global Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) market is expected to have a CAGR of 27% during the forecast period 2016-2023. The desktop virtualization market is growing daily with advancements in solutions like BYOD & the digital workplace. Hosted VDI volume is high in developed countries like the USA & UK, but many countries in Asia are also establishing their VDI market with speed. People are retiring traditional ways of working & implementing new practices by adopting cloud hosted desktop (VDI) solutions for their business. To know more about it, we, at Ace Cloud Hosting, reached ... Read more

The Pandemic Effects on Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

The Pandemic (COVID-19) has affected every industry in the market. However, when we talk about VDI & DaaS services, there is a significant growth in its adoption because of the unwarranted requirement of moving the entire business process to remote working. People & industry experts are talking about this technology more than before. Due to virtual desktop benefits & remote working environment, SMB’s are keener towards implementing VDI infrastructure for future-proof business. To know more technically how pandemic has impacted VDI, we at Ace Cloud Hosting reached out to David York Smith to understand it better. David York Smith is ... Read more

Expert Opinion – How Should CPA Firms Manage Cybersecurity Risks?

At this time of the year, when almost every CPA is filing their taxes from home, protecting the client’s critical data against cybercrime is mandatory for all individuals. Cybersecurity breaches could cost both clients and the CPA firm a heavy fine that can go up to $300,000. So, to avoid such repercussions, CPA firms should strengthen their cybersecurity policies by keeping strong passwords and regularly updating them, training their workforce to avoid phishing attacks, installing firewalls and antivirus on the devices, etc. To know more, we, at Ace Cloud Hosting, reached out to Randy Johnston, who is a nationally recognized educator, ... Read more

Tom Hickling Views On Desktop as a Service (DaaS) & Virtual Desktop

It is the era of digital transformation & adoption of cloud-based technology, one cannot keep themselves from using it. However, for businesses, other considerations such as cost and security come into play while adopting a particular technology. We at Ace Cloud Hosting approached Tom Hickling, who is a Specialist in Cloud solutions. Based in Greater Bristol Area, United Kingdom, he works as a Windows Virtual Desktop Global Black Belt at Microsoft Corp. We asked him a few questions regarding virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) & Cloud Hosted virtual desktops to provide our readers with a broader view of this emerging capability ... Read more

Gates Ouimette’s Views on Cloud-based VDI

Nowadays more and more companies are empowering employees to work from home with cloud-based Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). In comparison with on-premises VDI, a cloud-based virtual desktop eliminates most capital expenses while providing greater flexibility when working from anywhere. The VDI market is accelerating with Microsoft’s Windows Virtual Desktop and Apple’s recent entrance into this space. As the market grows, so does the number of service providers and solutions, including custom offerings across a wide range of pricing plans. So, what are your options from a variety of VDI plans? For more perspectives and insights, Ace Cloud Hosting continues to ... Read more

Expert Opinion – What Lessons Did Your Firm Learn During COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has spurred huge changes in technology, transforming the way businesses function all over the world. Many businesses didn’t even have any future plans, and those who planned for the future didn’t expect such a humanitarian crisis to hit the industry. This pandemic has impacted the mindset, thinking, and attitude of many organizations. To know more about it, we, at Ace Cloud Hosting, reached out to a few industry experts to understand what did their firm learn from the pandemic. Let’s find out what they said: 1. Christine Crandell Christine is a career B2B board member, advisor, customer ... Read more

Mike Milan’s Views on Adapting To The New Way of Working

This year has been like a roller coaster for most of the businesses around the world. The coronavirus has significantly affected every part of the industry. With the market shutdowns and social distancing, the workforce was forced to work from home for their own good. Thankfully, the advancements in technologies such as the cloud have made remote working possible during such tough times. With the employees spread all over the world, team collaboration tools that can be operated remotely have made it possible to coordinate with the customers and the workforce efficiently. We, at Ace Cloud Hosting, reached out to ... Read more