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5 Benefits of Sage 100 ERP For Manufacturing Industry

For any business to thrive, it is necessary to do quality resource planning. A proper resource plan helps in leveraging your finances and growing your business well. And when it comes to managing resources in the manufacturing industry, nothing is better than Sage 100 ERP software. It is a software solution for all your enterprise’s needs – you can simplify the manufacturing process, issue work orders, maintain bills, and do much more. It offers different modules for managing inventory, generating sales orders, streamlining material procurement, and other processes. Let’s have a more in-depth look at how Sage 100 ERP can ... Read more

QuickBooks Enterprise or an ERP: What Should You Choose for Your Business?

Every company, whether a startup, SMB, or an enterprise, needs some essential business functions to attain sustainable growth. These functions facilitate diverse business processes like sales, marketing, customer management, HR, and inventory management, among others. However, it is imperative for these separate processes to be integrated with the accounting process to keep track of the cash flow and maintain a proper record. Moreover, the flow of information between these processes should also be error-free and efficient. What is ERP? Nowadays, there are various software solutions that can integrate all your processes and offer a complete solution for your business. These ... Read more

5 Businesses That Can Benefit from the ERP System

Every business has a set of processes that must work collectively to ensure success and growth. Whether it is manufacturing a product or handling customers, every aspect of a business should be able to interact with each other through the proper channels of data flow. An ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is the best solution to accomplish the same. It is a management software which integrates all the critical business processes such as accounting, inventory management, sales and purchase orders, customer database, and HR, all under the same dashboard. Each and every business that involve complex functionalities can benefit from ERP ... Read more

ERP – All You Need to Know

If you read about business solutions, the chances are that the word ERP would come up. Well, ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. It is used to describe a class of software that can manage and simplify all the essential processes that are vital to running a business. This includes accounting, overseeing your human resources, managing your inventory, and even placing orders. Essentially, ERP streamlines the processes in an organization and ensures that management has valuable data and actionable insights. ERP systems have been around since the 1960s. However, the latest ones come with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning ... Read more

Top 10 Signs You Should Move to a Cloud ERP System ASAP

Cloud ERP software is becoming a necessity in today’s high-paced business world. Many businesses share apprehension regarding moving their enterprise management to the cloud because of security problems such as cyber attacks by hackers or competitors. However, cloud ERP systems are secure in many aspects, and your on-premises ERP software may not be as ironclad as you think. Cloud ERP also increases users’ accessibility to the system through the Internet and allows them to transfer and share data across every department, as well as externally. Leading cloud ERP systems also come with disaster recovery plans and backups that reduce software ... Read more

How Sage 300 ERP Cloud Hosting Help Optimize Your Business?

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is the thread that bounds all the critical elements of business together. Nowadays, there are various ERP software applications available in the market that help you in managing your business process. One of the most prominent ERP software available in the market today is Sage 300 ERP. From construction to manufacturing, it is the preferred choice of every industry. The Sage 300 ERP software enables you to access all the business processes necessary for your business to function on a single platform. Keeping track of orders, real-time inventory status, automating your finances, and managing payments ... Read more

9 Ways Cloud ERP Can Turbocharge Your Business

Technology is revolutionizing the businesses of all sizes at an incredible pace and creating multiple opportunities for companies to reach out to their consumers in innovative ways. One such development is Mobile Computing with more than 80% web being surfed from mobile phones. Behind this incredible development lies cloud computing, which has created various opportunities for all kinds of organizations and entrepreneurs, making the competitive landscape more impact-driven than capital-driven. Cloud ERP software allows small companies to access all of the benefits which a large company obtains after setting up an extensive IT infrastructure at a fraction of its cost. ... Read more

6 Signs Your Startup Should Get an ERP System

“Running a startup is like being punched in the face repeatedly but working for a large company is like being waterboarded.” — Paul Graham As an entrepreneur, you always have plenty of tasks on your plate like department meetings, investors to pitch, numbers to crunch, and fulfill orders. While you make sense with all of these, you already have ‘n’ number of emails unread with many of them flagged ‘Urgent.’ While this scenario seems tedious, it is a true story for every other entrepreneur managing their business and lives simultaneously. With so much continuously going on at your workspace, there ... Read more

ERP Modernization: 3 Ways to Make Most of Your Desktop ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is an integrated software system, helping companies to manage various projects, procurement processes, and accounting. It is considered one of the older segments of the business software landscape. For many departments, ERP systems usually meant time-consuming, costly, and huge deployments, which needed heavy maintenance and significant investments in infrastructure and hardware. However, the arrival of cloud technology has completely changed the way businesses function today. ERP on the cloud allows businesses to streamline their processes and ensure a quick return on their investment. According to a survey by McGladery, 54% of respondents said that upgrading ... Read more