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Top 10 Super Useful Add-ons For Drake Software

Drake Software is a professional tax preparation software used widely for filing federal and state returns for individuals. Drake Software’s ease-of-use and cost-effective pricing plans make it one of the highest-rated professional tax software for filing returns. It accelerates the tax filing process for professionals and improves their productivity. Top features of Drake Tax Software include: Calculation of results showing fees and the refund amount Keyboard shortcuts for seamless navigation All-inclusive packages for any tax returns Error-checker describing the error location Online knowledge base for technical support However, Drake Software needs additional functionalities when considering the growing demands of today’s ... Read more

Top 10 Useful Features of Drake Software

In this digital age, there are various options for tax preparers in terms of tax software solutions. However, the decision to choose tax software should be made after certain considerations. It can be the size of your tax firm, the customer support, features, or the budget. Among the most popular tax software solutions, Drake tax software is one of them. According to the 2019 tax software survey by the Journal of Accounting and The Tax Adviser, CPAs voted Drake as the most highly-rated software by giving an overall rating of 4.6 like the last year. Here are some vital features ... Read more

How Can Drake Hosted on The Cloud Benefit Tax Professionals?

Drake, a professional tax management software, is designed for SMBs, CPAs, and accounting firms. The software enables tax professionals to prepare and process tax returns efficiently, which helps them focus more on their clients and increase their business productivity. While the software offers numerous benefits to its users, hosting it on the cloud adds more value to its functionality. Below are the top seven benefits of Drake hosted on cloud: 1. Flexible Access to Your Tax Data Cloud allows users to work from anywhere and at any time with an Internet-enabled device. This easy accessibility adds great convenience for the ... Read more

Why Hosting Drake Software on Cloud is the Right Choice for Your Firm?

Update: This article was last updated on 3rd Jan 2020 to reflect the accuracy and up-to-date information on the page. Drake tax software is a professional tax management solution used by accounting firms, CPAs, and SMBs. The software helps tax professionals process the tax returns efficiently and stay focused on their core business operations instead of being jumbled up in unwanted tax challenges. Drake software, when hosted on the cloud, provides even more benefits to the users. Below are some of the advantages offered by Drake software cloud hosting. 1. Anytime, Anywhere Access to Drake Software Accounting professionals now recognize ... Read more

Why Drake Software on Cloud Makes Sense?

A professional tax management solution, Drake Tax software, is popular among SMBs and CPAs. The purpose of the software is to help tax professionals prepare and process the returns efficiently and quickly. It helps them stay focused on their core business operations instead of facing unwanted tax challenges. With built-in forms, automated data flow, multi-state returns and several other features available, Drake software adds excellent comfort to tax preparers and other tax professionals. The availability of cloud hosting of Drake software adds more value to its functionality as tax professionals can files taxes faster, from anywhere and anytime. Here are ... Read more