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10 Features of Sage 100 Contractor That Optimize the Construction Process

The construction industry runs a tight ship when it comes to two critical issues – costs and scheduling. Contractors, in particular, are under immense pressure to ensure project budgets and costs are minimized, while proactively ensuring project completion schedules are met. Till date, cash flow management is a major hurdle for contractors. While customer payment cycles are expanding, construction businesses are still required to ensure that they don’t fall back on their own payment cycles. In addition, market and tech disruptions are forcing construction companies to adopt technological innovations as a way of beating the market competition and for business ... Read more

Reasons Why Contractors Need Sage 100 Contractor On The Cloud

According to Markets Insider, the global construction output is estimated to hit $12.7 trillion by 2022. One of the best ways construction companies and builders can capitalize on the continued expansion of the construction market is by moving to a cloud solution like Sage 100 Contractor Hosting. And, while there are multiple ways in which cloud can boost growth and help businesses achieve their ROI goals, Sage 100 Contractor hosted on the cloud can be particularly effective in enhancing the effectiveness and job responsibilities of the contractor. By utilizing cloud-hosted Sage 100 Contractor, contractors and project managers can achieve process ... Read more

Why Should Contractors Use Social Media?

Social media has been transforming various businesses through the power of networking, community, interactions and an array of media by helping them engage with their audience resulting in a personal connection. However, is social media also powerful enough for the construction contractors as a marketing strategy? Nowadays, many small businesses, individuals and enterprises are actively utilizing social media as a powerful marketing tool to reach out to consumers directly. The ones who have started to use social media have reported successful stories on how it’s working for them. Although there are various platforms available for customer outreach, each platform has ... Read more

5 Things Contractors Should Look into in 2019

Is your business getting enough leads? Are your existing sales contributing enough to your business growth? If the answer is “No,” you’re not alone – research by Service Titan suggests that only 45% of companies in construction are growing. By now, businesses should realize that their target audience is looking for digital solutions. Keeping yourself updated with the latest trends and technology in the construction industry would help you connect with them easily. With the right approach, your marketing strategy can provide you a competitive edge. Below are few challenges being faced by the construction industry: Increasing material costs Technology ... Read more

5 Accounting Challenges for Construction Firm and How To Tackle Them

Construction is a growing industry, the growth of which is measured by its project efficiency and the time taken to complete a project. In order to thrive in the industry, organizations strive for safety, the speed of execution and giving attention to detail while keeping the project profitable. With the various ups and downs involved in the construction arena, the primary focus has been to complete the project according to specifications, and on time. However, in this process, accounting takes a backseat. Various issues make construction accounting challenging and make the project suffer due to these bottlenecks. Challenges in Construction ... Read more

3 Digital Trends in Construction That Will Shape the Industry In 2019

Last year we saw businesses in the construction industry embracing digital technologies more than ever. The way businesses design, collaborate, and build is changing rapidly, and many new elements are being added to the construction process on a regular basis. Going ahead, the year 2019 is set to be a year which takes complete advantage of technology to accelerate the construction processes. With the right technological platform, the company can stay competitive, increase their revenue, and offer a number of benefits to property owners, project planners, and investors. Here are three major technology and digital trends that would impact the ... Read more

How Cloud and Sage Construction Software Help You Face Industry Challenges

The construction industry has a worth close to a whopping $10 trillion. With the digitization yet to dwell the industry, the expectations of further growth seem healthy. For the already digitized portion of the industry, Sage is among the most prominent solution providers. Sage 100 Contractor and Sage 300 CRE (Construction and Real Estate) are helping construction businesses of different level manage their operations. Features, such as – project lifecycle reporting, finance management, document management routing, and others, are making life easy for the professionals in the industry. However, is it the best that you can get? Is there something ... Read more

7 Reasons to Host Sage 300 CRE Management Software on the Cloud

The construction industry has evolved as one of the major sectors in the US. According to an article in Investopedia, the construction industry is among the top five industries driving the US economy and is projected to grow by 11 percent from 2016 to 2026. The new technologies in the construction sector are optimizing the process on and off the site. One such piece of technology is the Sage 300 CRE management software. It is a complete solution for managing your construction-related documents, submitting field reports, and project status updates. However, hosting your Sage 300 CRE management software on the ... Read more