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QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting – 10 Benefits for Construction Business

QuickBooks Enterprise is an advanced business solution that offers industry-specific features for businesses. This version of QuickBooks caters to businesses of medium and large sizes. For a prominent industry like construction, juggling between the job estimates, contractors, and sub-contractors is a very daunting task and keeping track of every activity is no less than a challenge. This is where QuickBooks Enterprise can be of great help, which takes care of the accounting, automates the process, generates customized reports, and much more. To extend the benefits of QuickBooks, businesses prefer to host the software on the cloud. The cloud offers a ... Read more

6 Features Of Sage 300 CRE

With technology evolving every single day, almost every industry has been transformed. In particular, the construction industry has leveraged several tools and software to manage processes better. They use such software for decision making, data analysis, project management, task scheduling, and the like. When it comes to choosing a software solution for your construction and real-estate business, there are multiple options available for you to choose from. However, when it comes to choosing the ‘right’ solution, there are only a few options. Sage 300 CRE is one such complete CRE solution for all your construction and real estate related needs. ... Read more

How Cloud Can Enable Collaboration In Construction Industry

The construction sector is among the industries where collaborating with the team members, field workers, stakeholders, and project managers is the most crucial task. Construction is not just about working in the field but also getting in constant touch with the project members to communicate each task properly. Since collaboration remains the priority here, the adoption of technologies such as Cloud is crucial as they ease the construction-related tasks. Simply put, cloud computing means accessing files and data over the internet that are stored on high-performance servers. You can opt for cloud services such DaaS from a service provider that ... Read more

Top 7 Features of QuickBooks Enterprise for Construction Businesses

Every business has unique accounting needs, but accounting for contractors and construction businesses presents some special challenges. First, a contractor’s billing, production and labor primarily revolve around projects. Each project has its own unique inputs and requirements, and those projects are continuously starting and ending throughout the year. Second, a contractor’s work takes place on different job sites rather than a fixed location. The contractor must move its equipment and labor from job site to job site, making it difficult to accurately tie direct labor and equipment costs to each project. Finally, many contractors work on projects that can last ... Read more

4 Green IT Tips For An Environment-Friendly Construction Business

The concept of Green Information Technology (Green IT) has been around for more than two decades. However, it has become popular in recent times as more people are becoming aware of the effects of our activities on the environment. The idea behind Green IT is to promote environmentally sustainable practices in every aspect of computing – from manufacturing gadgets to operating and disposing of them. This concept is more relevant than ever today as we are dependent on technology. Green IT does not only apply to technology-based companies, but to every domain that uses some piece of technology. The construction ... Read more

5 Productivity Tips for Construction Project Managers

As one of the major industries in the world, the global construction market is expected to grow from 10.6 trillion in 2017 to 12.7 trillion by 2022. The construction industry calls for the collaboration of multiple complex processes like inventory management, equipment handling, job costing, project planning, and designing. As a construction project manager responsible for handling one or more project, it becomes very tedious to keep track of everything that is going on in a project. Hence, it is imperative for the project managers to streamline their tasks and manage their time optimally. Here are some tips that can ... Read more

How Cloud Technology Solves The Challenges Faced by Contractors

The real estate industry is booming across the globe. One can easily witness hi-tech construction projects, be it residential buildings, commercial malls, etc. becoming popular amongst the masses. But behind the successful completion of these projects lies the hard work of the involved contractors and project managers. They work day in and day out to perform project-related tasks, which need to be completed on time. Some of the main aspects of the construction industry include work scheduling and budget management. However, in between all this, contractors face several challenges that can be best handled with the help of technology. Cloud ... Read more

Simplify Your Search: 5 Tips to Select a Hosting Provider for Your Construction Software

The construction industry across the globe is expanding at an enormous scale. One can easily find small and big construction projects embracing the advanced technology that is coming up in place. It is not just about the hi-tech features adopted by the residential or commercial buildings. Even the construction project managers and contractors are making use of advanced software and cloud technology for work-related benefits. If you work in the construction industry as a project manager or contractor, you know well about the importance of managing costs and scheduling work as required. You need to finish the work on strict ... Read more

How Has Cloud Changed the Construction Industry?

Over the years, people have witnessed hi-tech construction projects over the globe. Big-sized buildings, multi-level malls, and skyscrapers, etc. have all been designed to perfection in different parts of the world. But at the bottom of it all, there lies the work of contractors working under the immense pressure of project completion and deadlines. One of the most basic but critical aspects related to the construction industry is cost management and work scheduling. Contractors need to ensure that the total project cost falls under the estimated budget.Similarly, they have to set the pace of work in such a way that ... Read more