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Seeking to Improve Business Productivity? – Check Out Microsoft Office 365 Hosting

Unlike any other tool, Office 365 empowers you to accomplish almost everything in your business. The software is a Microsoft Office product line with a full suite of cloud-based applications that helps you increase productivity and effectively collaborate within your company. Tools like Word, Exchange, Excel, SharePoint, Teams, etc., help you create, collaborate, and communicate seamlessly.  But, are you really aware of all the benefits of Microsoft Office 365? If not, you must know about Microsoft Office 365 hosting services which mean hosting the Office 365 suite on a third-party cloud solution provider’s cloud server. Read on to explore the ... Read more

Sage 50 Hosting: Why Small Businesses Should Migrate to the Cloud?

One of the payroll and integrated accounting software market leaders, Sage 50 is immensely popular amongst small businesses. Whether it is about managing invoices, finances, or cash needs, Sage 50 covers them all.  Although the software has an all-inclusive feature that your small business would require, using it in a desktop-hosted environment could often create work-related challenges. This is where a requirement of hosted Sage 50 solution is highly felt. Hosting the Sage 50 application on the cloud reaps exclusive benefits such as cloud security, remote access, data backups, high uptime, and more. In a nutshell, hosting the application on ... Read more

Drake Tax Software Hosting – Dig Out the Top 8 Benefits for Tax Professionals

Whether for personal or business needs, preparing tax returns can be highly daunting. However, there are many ways by which you can augment your tax operations in a significant manner. One such way is using Drake tax software which is very common among tax preparers, accountants, and CPAs. Features of Drake like built-in forms, automated data flow, multi-state returns, and e-signature give you an excellent opportunity to simplify tax operations to a vast extent. However, you might still encounter challenges, such as on-time filing of taxes, client support during non-business hours, file sharing, ensuring data security, etc.  Drake tax software ... Read more

How Does QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting Boosts Efficiency of Your Business?

One of the widely used accounting applications developed by Intuit, QuickBooks Enterprise has gained high popularity among CPAs and large-sized businesses. Regular updates have made the accounting software more productive for businesses of all sorts and sizes. While there are multiple versions of the software, QuickBooks Enterprise offers some great functionalities, such as Advanced Reporting. The feature helps you get significant insight into your business and ensures that you attain higher business growth.  Although businesses leverage multiple benefits of the QuickBooks Enterprise desktop version, they prefer using the software to its full potential. This is where QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting plays ... Read more

Future Proofing Your Accounting Firm with TaxWise Cloud Hosting

COVID-19 was a rude wake-up call for businesses worldwide. It threw everything into chaos and brought in a slew of changes. Those who had measures to overcome it kept themselves running. Those who didn’t, we knew what happened to them. It is an example that illustrates why businesses must be future-proof.    But what exactly does future-proofing mean? How does TaxWise cloud hosting play a role in it? To understand this, let’s delve deeper into this discussion.    What is Future-Proofing, and Why do You Need it?    Future-proofing involves devising and implementing key measures for adapting to sudden or gradual changes in ... Read more

Sage CRM On-Premise vs. Sage CRM Hosting: What Should You Choose?

Despite the emergence of multiple CRMs worldwide, Sage CRM holds the lion’s share. However, the availability of two types of Sage CRM, i.e., Sage CRM Cloud and Sage CRM On-Premises, can often make it challenging to choose the best fit for your business.  In this post, we will compare the two versions, show you the differences, and help you decide which one to opt for your business. Read on!  What do Sage CRM On-Premise and Sage CRM Hosting on Cloud Offer?  If you are new to Sage CRM, you must know what both the Sage CRM solutions offer. From marketing ... Read more

Why Tax Professionals Should Seek a Cloud Platform to Host Their Drake Software?

One of the most popular tax software programs, Drake helps tax professionals accomplish their tax-related tasks efficiently and quickly. Irrespective of the size of your business, the software allows you to stay focused on your core business operations and mitigate any tax-related challenges. Features like built-in forms, multi-state returns, automated data flow, etc., make the software among the most reliable and trusted resources. Although Drake is among the leading tax software programs, its desktop version has some flaws that often create hurdles for tax professionals. For instance, tax professionals cannot perform their tasks if they aren’t physically available on the ... Read more

Why are CPAs Moving Their QuickBooks to the Cloud?

QuickBooks is one of the most popular accounting software in use today. It is the most widely used accounting solution among CPAs and accounting firms. However, the time has changed the way CPAs use their QuickBooks.  Instead of using it locally, they prefer using it over the cloud. CPAs can choose to deploy their cloud infrastructure or choose a third-party hosting provider. Most CPAs usually go for the latter. It is much more beneficial than deploying the setup. QuickBooks hosting carries various benefits for CPAs. To better understand it, let’s have a detailed analysis:  1.  Access On the Go   Most ... Read more

QuickBooks Enterprise Cloud Hosting: To Host or Not to Host

Are you handling a myriad of financial data and seeking high-end security for it? Do you want multiple users to access your QuickBooks Enterprise accounting software using devices with Mac, Windows, or Android OS installed?   QuickBooks Enterprise Cloud Hosting solution is the perfect answer for all your needs. Specifically designed for SMBs, QuickBooks Enterprise Cloud Hosting solutions enable you to perform your financial tasks that require a robust accounting solution. However, instances might occur when you struggle to decide if hosting QuickBooks Enterprise on the cloud is necessary or not.  Here, we will explain why you’d require QuickBooks Enterprise Cloud ... Read more