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Sage CRM On-Premise vs. Sage CRM Hosting: What Should You Choose?

Despite the emergence of multiple CRMs worldwide, Sage CRM holds the lion’s share. However, the availability of two types of Sage CRM, i.e., Sage CRM Cloud and Sage CRM On-Premises, can often make it challenging to choose the best fit for your business.  In this post, we will compare the two versions, show you the differences, and help you decide which one to opt for your business. Read on!  What do Sage CRM On-Premise and Sage CRM Hosting on Cloud Offer?  If you are new to Sage CRM, you must know what both the Sage CRM solutions offer. From marketing ... Read more

Why Tax Professionals Should Seek a Cloud Platform to Host Their Drake Software?

One of the most popular tax software programs, Drake helps tax professionals accomplish their tax-related tasks efficiently and quickly. Irrespective of the size of your business, the software allows you to stay focused on your core business operations and mitigate any tax-related challenges. Features like built-in forms, multi-state returns, automated data flow, etc., make the software among the most reliable and trusted resources. Although Drake is among the leading tax software programs, its desktop version has some flaws that often create hurdles for tax professionals. For instance, tax professionals cannot perform their tasks if they aren’t physically available on the ... Read more

Why are CPAs Moving Their QuickBooks to the Cloud?

QuickBooks is one of the most popular accounting software in use today. It is the most widely used accounting solution among CPAs and accounting firms. However, the time has changed the way CPAs use their QuickBooks.  Instead of using it locally, they prefer using it over the cloud. CPAs can choose to deploy their cloud infrastructure or choose a third-party hosting provider. Most CPAs usually go for the latter. It is much more beneficial than deploying the setup. QuickBooks hosting carries various benefits for CPAs. To better understand it, let’s have a detailed analysis:  1.  Access On the Go   Most ... Read more

QuickBooks Enterprise Cloud Hosting: To Host or Not to Host

Are you handling a myriad of financial data and seeking high-end security for it? Do you want multiple users to access your QuickBooks Enterprise accounting software using devices with Mac, Windows, or Android OS installed?   QuickBooks Enterprise Cloud Hosting solution is the perfect answer for all your needs. Specifically designed for SMBs, QuickBooks Enterprise Cloud Hosting solutions enable you to perform your financial tasks that require a robust accounting solution. However, instances might occur when you struggle to decide if hosting QuickBooks Enterprise on the cloud is necessary or not.  Here, we will explain why you’d require QuickBooks Enterprise Cloud ... Read more

Top 7 Benefits of Hosting Lacerte Tax Software on the Cloud

One of the most valuable and productive tools for taxation-related tasks and processes, Lacerte Tax Software, is popular amongst individuals and businesses. Some of the key offerings of the software program allow you to prepare taxes, collect data, research, consult, and effectively perform practice management. In addition, the software enables you to bring a significant reduction in time being spent on complex and critical tax-related tasks with its end-to-end solution.  Over the years, cloud-hosted services have experienced a significant spike in their use. Hosting Lacerte Tax Software on cloud is no different. The process gives you an excellent opportunity to ... Read more

How Cloud Hosting is a Solution for Every Accounting Firm?

Cloud hosting is a buzzword that is making the rounds across various industries. Now and then, you will hear about the amazing benefits of cloud hosting. Many industries are now actively using cloud hosting for their business operations.    Accounting firms are now following in their footsteps and using cloud hosting. During a tax season, cloud hosting is something that can provide them with great returns. Most of them use traditional local system deployment, which presents several difficulties. These are limited accessibility, security concerns, tedious IT management, etc.    Here are three reasons why cloud hosting is a solution for every accounting ... Read more

Should Your Accounting Firm Use Drake On-Premise or In The Cloud?

Drake Tax software is preferred by many tax professionals, preparers, and CPAs. It streamlines tax filing and also offers audit tax reports. But if you are using it on a local desktop, you will face some restrictions.    For example, let’s talk about data accessibility. You have a situation where you need to complete a task urgently. But your best tax preparers are on vacation. You contact them for their guidance, but they don’t have access to the locally installed Drake Tax software. Thus, they won’t be able to help, and your task will take more time.    You can overcome the ... Read more

How Tax Challenges Can Be Met With ATX Tax Software Hosting

The life of tax professionals is full of challenges. They have to prepare and file tax returns, perform complex tax audits, create comprehensive reports, etc. To help them with these tasks, they use various tax software. One such popular application is ATX Tax software. ATX Tax software helps tax professionals relieve their burden through its comprehensive functionalities. However, simply using the desktop-based application is not enough. It falls behind when it comes to remote data access. And this is where ATX Tax software hosting comes in. It solves the challenges faced by tax professionals. For instance, ATX Tax software hosting ... Read more

Cloud Solutions-Perks of Moving Your ATX Tax Software on the Cloud

With business leaders realizing the potential cloud technology brings to the table, more and more are now keen on adopting cloud computing for their organizations. This realization has led to significant end-user spending on the cloud, with the figures already estimated to reach $397.5 billion in 2022.      Similarly, ATX Tax software users too can leverage the cloud to their benefit. With the cloud, they can overcome many shortcomings of a desktop-based ATX software system, such as limited accessibility, tedious IT responsibilities, and more. Furthermore, they can also enjoy different perks, such as on-demand scalability as a service from a hosting provider.     ... Read more