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How Tax Challenges Can Be Met With ATX Tax Software Hosting

The life of tax professionals is full of challenges. They have to prepare and file tax returns, perform complex tax audits, create comprehensive reports, etc. To help them with these tasks, they use various tax software. One such popular application is ATX Tax software. ATX Tax software helps tax professionals relieve their burden through its comprehensive functionalities. However, simply using the desktop-based application is not enough. It falls behind when it comes to remote data access. And this is where ATX Tax software hosting comes in. It solves the challenges faced by tax professionals. For instance, ATX Tax software hosting ... Read more

Cloud Solutions-Perks of Moving Your ATX Tax Software on the Cloud

With business leaders realizing the potential cloud technology brings to the table, more and more are now keen on adopting cloud computing for their organizations. This realization has led to significant end-user spending on the cloud, with the figures already estimated to reach $397.5 billion in 2022.      Similarly, ATX Tax software users too can leverage the cloud to their benefit. With the cloud, they can overcome many shortcomings of a desktop-based ATX software system, such as limited accessibility, tedious IT responsibilities, and more. Furthermore, they can also enjoy different perks, such as on-demand scalability as a service from a hosting provider.     ... Read more

ATX Tax Software Hosting in Tax Season 2022

We may not realize it, but we all use different cloud-based services like (Gmail, OneDrive, etc.) in our daily lives. It has revolutionized and impacted how we transmit and access our information. Tax firms and tax professionals have also realized the same and enjoy the benefits offered by the cloud with ATX Tax software hosting.   You, too, can host your ATX software on the cloud and enjoy a unique experience during the tax season of 2022. You can always set up in-house hosting infrastructure; it is always better to use a hosted solution from a cloud hosting provider. You get ... Read more

Why You Should Host Your ATX Software on HPC Servers

As every year ends, tax filing is a significant task that comes as part and parcel of the new year. Collecting the necessary documents, choosing the tax forms, and handling multiple clients is not an easy task. Here, ATX tax software comes to the rescue for those looking for a professional, robust, and unfailing solution. ATX tax software is a sought-after solution used by small firms and CPAs looking to file precise tax returns and create custom reports. It offers tax returns form libraries for more than 6000+ forms providing a one platform solution to small firms and CPAs. Although ... Read more

What are Client Letters in ATX Software?

ATX Software, by Wolters Kluwer, is one of the most highly-rated professional tax applications in the market. Tax professionals prefer it as it offers an extensive list of features, such as a comprehensive form library, interview tools, and tax organizer that ease tax-related tasks. Likewise, one of the most prominent features that sets ATX apart from other tax software is the availability of client letters. Client letters are templates that are used to collect information from clients to file tax returns. ATX has two types of client letters: Standard Client Letters Standard client letters are pre-built templates that are customized ... Read more

10 Features of ATX Professional Tax Software You Need To Know

With so many options to choose from, it can be quite energy-sapping for a tax preparer to select the right software. However, if you know the client’s taxes well and the features needed to fulfill their requirements, it could lead you in the right direction. ATX, a product of Wolters Kluwer, is one such professional tax software used by various tax preparers over the globe. The software is easy to use with its interactive dashboard and the availability of a variety of forms needed for tax filing. Let us see the features of ATX tax software in detail. 1. User ... Read more

Top 11 Add-Ons For ATX Software That Save Time and Money

Update: This article was last updated on 7th Jan 2020 to reflect the accuracy and up-to-date information on the page. ATX tax software is one of the most preferred professional tax software for CPAs, small accounting firms, and tax preparers. It is readily accepted by its users because of the following features: Extensive library of tax forms User-friendly interface Automated error checker Walkthrough tool for tax filing Despite having various features, there are other attributes like importing data, secure file sharing, automated data entry, and file organization that can enhance its functioning. Integration of ATX with third-party add-ons can help ... Read more

How to Choose an ATX Hosting Provider – 6 Tips

For CPAs and small accounting firms, filing simple to advanced tax returns for their clients is not an easy task. Tax laws change with time, and they need to keep themselves abreast of all the updates from time to time. This is where technology plays its role in the form of ATX, an advanced tax compliance software designed for filing returns. It has an extensive forms library along with tax law research capability and many other features. When backed by cloud technology, the utility of this tax software grows even more. Accounting professionals can work with improved productivity in filing ... Read more

How to Remote Access ATX Professional Tax Software?

ATX professional tax software is an advanced tax preparation software best suited for SMBs, CPAs, and freelance accountants that files simple to complex returns. The software offers many features such as ease of use, data transfer within returns, and availability of various forms, which makes it a preferred tax software among tax professionals. While the software is preferred by most tax professionals at present, there are few limitations in the desktop version of the software. In today’s age of connectivity, being able to access information and data from anywhere at any time has become a necessity. Hosting ATX professional tax software ... Read more