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How Security Plays Important Role in QuickBooks Hosting

With every passing day, more and more business owners embrace QuickBooks hosting. There are many reasons for adopting QuickBooks on the cloud, such as remote accessibility, managed IT infrastructure, etc.    The rise of cyberattacks is also one of the primary reasons behind the rising popularity of QB hosting. This is because experienced hosting providers offer multiple security measures, making it necessary for organizations to prioritize data security.   Here are a few ways by which QuickBooks hosting plays an essential role in data security:   1. Access to top-grade security infrastructure   Modern hackers have become increasingly sophisticated and now use advanced ... Read more

What is QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting? A Beginner’s Guide

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the accounting sector globally. The workplace culture has changed, highlighting the importance of remote accessibility. Most accounting firms have realized that sticking to a traditional QuickBooks Enterprise solution isn’t the best option. Most businesses are now charting the course for their journeys to the cloud.    What is QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting?  While using QuickBooks Enterprise, you’ve installed the software on your desktop. In other words, the only way you can access the software is by your device. If you need the mobility feature, hosting QuickBooks Enterprise on the cloud is the right option. It allows companies to ... Read more

How Cloud Hosted Desktop Solves the Challenges Faced by Accounting Firms?

As an accountant, you need the capability to work from different locations — sometimes, it could be from client premises, or it could be from your home office. The capability to work remotely is a critical part of your profession. To enable smooth remote work, you need the right technology in place. And hosted desktop solutions constitute a robust technology solution to create a disruption-free remote work environment.  Hosted desktops are a cloud solution that can transform the way you work by giving you remote access to your desktop via any device. The best part is you can work faster ... Read more

5 Accounting Trends to Look Out for in 2022

The accounting industry has changed recently. The advancements in technology and the COVID-19 pandemic have also accelerated this change. For example, work from home boosted the adoption of cloud-based accounting software.     This article explains the top 5 accounting trends necessary for your business in 2022. Following them will ensure that your organization has access to tools for better operational efficiency and productivity.   Here, have a look.    1. Blockchain Utilization   2021 witnessed the meteoric rise of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Shiba Inu and made everyone aware of blockchain technology. However, blockchain is not only limited to cryptocurrencies. It has ... Read more

QuickBooks Hosting: Save Extra Expenses with Ease

When QuickBooks is hosted on the cloud, it begins to provide future benefits that were practically unimaginable for accountants just a few years ago. It is flourishing in various businesses; especially as remote working has become common during COVID-19.    QuickBooks hosting delivers significant financial benefits such as better budget planning and improved workplace efficiency.   1.  No extra workplace expenses Maintaining the office space is one of the significant expenditures that all business owners must haggle with. In a conventional setup, you’d have to spend a lot of money on things like maintaining a decent office space, keeping it clean, buying ... Read more

10 Best Considerations Before Moving Your QuickBooks to the Cloud

QuickBooks on the cloud offer broader capabilities than traditional QB Desktop. It is remotely accessible from anywhere, anytime via a compatible device such as a smartphone, laptop, iPad, MacBook, etc. Furthermore, it offers real-time access to QuickBooks files, allowing you to make critical business decisions on the go.    However, before moving your QuickBooks to the cloud, several factors like organizational requirements, data center quality, security features, etc., should be considered. This will allow you to understand hosted QuickBooks and get the most out of it.   Here are the top ten factors to consider before moving your QuickBooks to the cloud:   ... Read more

How Cloud Accounting Can Help Improve Efficiency of Small Businesses?

One of the most imperative business operations, accounts management plays a crucial role in determining business performance and its overall efficiency. An effective accounting operation in place can help you better manage cash flow, make impactful financial decisions, as well as lead to increased compliance.    Unlike today, accounting management was usually manual, and all tasks were executed on paper. Although the traditional accounting systems did manage to solve the basic accounting needs, they did not last long.  With the advent of innovative technologies like Cloud Accounting, businesses can now see a whole-new transformation of how their accounting operations are managed. For ... Read more

Top 5 Tax Season Security Tips For 2022

One of the most crucial times of accounting, tax season not only keeps the accountants busy but the common people too. While taxpayers keep no stone unturned in ensuring proper filing of their state and federal taxes, cybercriminals are equally keeping themselves engaged in devising strategies for stealing the taxpayers’ personal information, money, and identity.  Ranging from fake IRS calls to spear-phishing emails, cybercriminals are continuously evolving new ways to submit fraudulent returns, collect refunds, and often steal identities. Irrespective of the type of taxpayer you are, it’s crucial that you have the appropriate strategy to create a tax season security plan. ... Read more

The Impact of Cloud in the Accounting Industry: A Review and Analysis

The accounting industry witnesses many spikes across the year, be it the tax season or month-end closing. However, with the pandemic and the amount of workload it has brought, accountants and CPAs throughout the world are now experiencing an increased continuous stress level.   While the accounting industry has shied away from adopting the latest technology into their day-to-day activities, tech tools are now considered the ultimate aids to relieve the heavy workload. COVID-19 has sped up the technological transformation in the accounting sector, making accounting less stressful.  Cloud is one of the best tools for accounting firms to leverage for ... Read more