5 Key Benefits of Modernizing on AWS Cloud

To choose cloud, or not to choose cloud?

This is a common question asked by IT professionals when the talks are about the futuristic agility of their businesses. To give an answer to this Murat Yanar, the director of Migration Workloads within Worldwide Specialists Organization at AWS says, “Innovation starts with cloud migration.” Also, the confusion of cloud being an all-or-nothing theory gets eliminated with several hybrid cloud solutions making their way in the market.

How to modernize your business with AWS Cloud

The maturity and growth of the cloud market is hiking exponentially. To back this up, Gartner report remarks, “The cloud managed service market is forecast to reach $102 billion in 2025, growing at a five-year compound annual growth rate of 19.1% in U.S. dollars.” Though the startup world or hi-tech market is quite modernized by now, the traditional businesses still need the cloud switch. Several organizations have just begun their journey of understanding the features & functionalities of AWS cloud and the potential benefits it delivers. These businesses have a lot to catch up but they are gradually getting there.

Moving to cloud is a crucial decision involving substantial organizational changes and capital. You wouldn’t find a company going for cloud migration lightly and the experts suggest that it should be likewise. The foremost thing for AWS Cloud migration for most of the companies is aligning the executive team with the strategy and migration process.

The 5 key benefits of modernizing your business with AWS Cloud are:

Garnering the Advances of FinOps in AWS to Accelerate Growth

Unmanaged cloud environments have become a common, yet critical problem for business owners these days. Evaluation of cloud performance and price structure can be a daunting task altogether. Further understanding the cloud operations and allocation of resources for management almost every month can be tough. Cloud cost optimization is a continuous process which requires smooth collaboration between the Finance and IT teams.

AWS comes with Cloud FinOps structure which brings together technology, business, and finance to accelerate the business value realization with cloud modernization. In a cloud computing model, there are serverless workloads which further helps in the right division of machine resources that pushes the reduction in TCO or Total Cost of Ownership.

The clients have to pay full price of any resource consumed for any application but with serverless applications, the savings reach upto 80% in comparison to that of dedicated servers. The unification of technology, business, and finances is the ideal way to co-drive accountability.

Transferring of Windows workloads to Linux with AWS

The sheer abundance of choices that AWS offers for the modernization of organizations, like transitioning from Windows to Linux, migrating off mainframes, and adopting non-relational databases, are incredibly perplexing. With unparalleled flexibility, scalability, and cost-efficiency, AWS is the cloud service of choice for organizations looking to achieve their modernization goals. This platform has been incessantly innovating and enhancing its performance for over a decade, leading to a change in the very essence of workloads. By extending support for open-source software, AWS enables customers to quickly access modern data technologies and features.

Giving the Needed Edge to Business of Application Modernization with AWS

The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has caused an unprecedented spike in the need for online supplies, causing a swift acceleration of the modernization of businesses. To cope with this sudden surge, companies are left with no other option but to shift to AWS for modernization, resulting in significant perplexity. AWS provides the essential edge to stay ahead of the competition. For example, an online grocery store encountered six times more traffic than usual during the pandemic, which it handled efficiently due to its modernization with AWS.

Modernizing Database with AWS

Modernizing databases is a top priority for organizations to implement analytics and machine learning into their business processes. AWS’s modern data architecture enables organizations to move data seamlessly between purpose-built data stores and data lakes, maximizing their gains from data aggregation, resulting in high burstiness. Moving databases to the cloud reduces operational costs and frees up teams to focus on innovation, rather than spending time patching, scaling, and securing databases.

Modernization of SAP with AWS

Organizations are increasingly turning to AWS’s cloud-native technologies to modernize their SAP legacy applications, leading to significant perplexity. AWS offers proven techniques coupled with unmatched experience in offering cloud support to SAP customers, allowing organizations to reduce costs, adopt the RISE with SAP offering, or migrate to SAP S/4 HANA, leading to high burstiness. AWS provides a resilient infrastructure across the globe to run SAP applications exclusively, eliminating single points of failure and ensuring low latency and high speeds, which leads to significant perplexity. The platform allows data storage and management in compliance with data regulation laws such as GDPR, with top-of-the-line security features coming in handy during modernization efforts, which also leads to high perplexity.

Having said that!

Making the switch to AWS may seem daunting and lead to significant perplexity, but it is necessary to stay ahead of the competition. While other modernization approaches may have their own benefits, they are often costly, complex, and challenging to implement. AWS has become the industry standard for cloud computing and not making the switch would be a grave mistake, leading to significant perplexity.

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