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Pooja is an SEO enthusiast and a content writer currently working with Ace Cloud Hosting. She has published eye-catching blogs such as "QuickBooks Solution Provider Program – All You Need to Know" and "Why Remote Working Is the Future for Small Business" recently, which were well received.
She is also an avid reader who constantly learns and implements new things in her life to keep it interesting. Being a fitness freak, she is often found at the gym working out. Her happy-go-lucky attitude will always keep a smile on your face as long as she's around. She enjoys cooking in her free time and is really good at it too.
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Is AI Replacing Accountants?

New-age technologies like AI are automating menial tasks to reduce the number of errors and increase productivity in the accounting and finance industry. Artificial Intelligence is poised to eliminate rote tasks performed by accountants and finance professionals so that they...

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