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With 20+ years of expertise in building cloud-native services and security solutions, Nolan Foster spearheads Public Cloud and Managed Security Services at Ace Cloud Hosting. He is well versed in the dynamic trends of cloud computing and cybersecurity. Foster offers expert consultations for empowering cloud infrastructure with customized solutions and comprehensive managed security.
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NVIDIA A30: The Workhorse of AI and HPC in the Data Center

Since their inception, GPUs have been the most powerful computing engines for accelerating compute workloads that drive innovations in business and science. The demand for GPU processing power is growing year on year with an expected CAGR of 33.6% by 2027, as per reports published by Allied Market Research. It is fueled by comprehensive breakthroughs in machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). Over the past two decades, as researchers pushed deep learning, neural networks, and other techniques to their limits, NVIDIA GPUs have proven especially adept at accelerating AI computations. NVIDIA is focused on pushing the entire ML industry ... Read more

Uber Hack 2022: The Lapsus$ Cyberattack

Uber faced a significant cyberattack on 15 September, compromising the ride-hailing company’s internal systems and communications for several hours. According to their official statement, Uber has identified the attacker as the hacking group Lapsus$.  Uber is not the first MNC targeted by Lapsus$ recently. In 2022 alone, this group of supposed teenage “hacktivists” attacked industry titans like Microsoft, Cisco, Samsung, Okta, and Nvidia, according to reports by CSO Online.   If giants like Uber and Microsoft can be breached, you aren’t safe either. So, take a closer look at how the attack happened and note the measures you can take ... Read more

The Evolution of the GPU: How It Became the Heart of AI and ML

‍Reading this article, you will get the sense that the graphics processing unit (GPU) is a pretty important piece of computer hardware. It turns out GPUs are at the forefront of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) as well. It has been around for years, but only recently have these chips revved up to perform new types of tasks. Now they’re a crucial cog in AI and ML algorithms. GPUs are uniquely suited to handle the massive datasets and complex computations involved in training AI algorithms. GPU has also emerged as a standard piece of hardware for developers looking ... Read more

6 Benefits Of Managed SIEM Services For Your Growing Business

It’s time to modernize your network visibility and threat detection tool. The new wave of managed SIEM solutions has made sophisticated threat detection accessible to small and medium businesses. So, how does modern SIEM add value to your growing business? We answer this fundamental question by explaining seven benefits of managed SIEM that will indeed have you searching for the best managed SIEM provider next. Managed SIEM Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) technology has been around since the mid-2000s and has undergone a drastic transformation. A challenging threat landscape and unprecedented network expansion have made “legacy” SIEM solutions redundant ... Read more

Email Phishing – Types, How to Spot & Avoid Attacks

We live in an era of clogged email inboxes. As per Spamlaws 2022 report, 45% of all emails are spam. Because of email’s widespread usage, it has become an extremely common entry-point for scams and cyberattacks. Unfortunately, we’ve all become used to solicited emails, making email-based cyberattacks a favorite tactic for fraudsters.  Email phishing is one of the greatest threats that businesses face today. 81% of global organizations have experienced increased email phishing attacks in the post-pandemic world. An even more alarming fact is that 85% of all reported data breaches involve a phishing-related human element.   Isn’t it scary that ... Read more

How Important Is EDR For The Healthcare Sector?

Endpoints are a favorite attack surface for cybercriminals due to lax cybersecurity measures and unaware end-users. The entire global workforce has witnessed massive cyberattacks targeting endpoints, ranging from industries like finance, IT, BPO, and retail. The healthcare sector is not lagging in any way.   Attackers have realized that healthcare endpoints are accessible and high-value targets. That’s why endpoint detection and response (EDR) for healthcare is a topic on every healthcare administrator’s mind.  In April of 2022, Arizona’s Yuma Regional Medical Center faced a ransomware attack that exposed critical data of 700,000 people. This is just one example of the numerous ... Read more

How Can Fintech Companies Benefit from Managed Security Services?

On April 17, 2022, US-based finance platform Beanstalk Farms lost $180 million in a cryptocurrency heist. A few days later, CashMama, an Indian Fintech enterprise, reported a large-scale data breach where customers’ financial data was stolen. These two isolated incidents exemplify the grave danger fintech companies face in today’s cybersecurity threat landscape. Financial data has always been highly vulnerable to breaches due to its lucrative value in the black market. The decentralized and largely unregulated fintech space delivers a larger attack surface to cyber criminals.   Fintech enterprises need effective cybersecurity through managed security services (MSS) to combat the rising ... Read more

IHG (InterContinental Hotel Group) Cyberattack 2022

InterContinental Hotel Group (IHG) has suffered an unprecedented cyber-attack. The attack affected its Holiday Inn, Crown Plaza, and Regent hotels. IHG is a British MNC currently managing 6,028 hotels across more than 100 different countries and has over 1,800 more under construction. There has been significant disruption to IHG’s booking channels and other apps, as confirmed by the InterContinental Hotels Group PLC (IHG or the Company). What started as a breach of Starwood’s data has now spread to the IHG group. Those who have recently made reservations at IHG properties are warned to check their credit card statements. There is ... Read more

LAUSD (LA Unified School District) Ransomware Cyberattack 2022

A major cyberattack hit U.S.’s second-largest school district over the Labor Day weekend, causing a complete digital shutdown on Monday, September 8. According to the Los Angeles Times, the cyberattack impacted over 600,000 students and 70,000 staff in over a thousand schools and has put sensitive student information at risk.  Let’s examine the LAUSD cyberattack to understand the state of cybersecurity in the public education sector and draw insights on what can be done to secure the academic life of America’s youth.    The LAUSD Cyberattack  Hackers targeted the Los Angeles Unified School District with a suspected ransomware tool that temporarily ... Read more