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Aditi Tyagi, former content editor at Ace Cloud Hosting loves to write about QuickBooks Hosting, Cloud Hosting and her keyboards spend most of the time describing how cloud hosting is changing the way accountants and other business professionals work. When she is not writing about the ‘Cloud and QuickBooks’, she spends her leisure time reading novels.
Some of her most-liked blogs are - “QuickBooks Desktop Editions- Which Is the Perfect Fit for Your Needs?” and “QuickBooks Cloud Hosting: 9 Benefits for CPAs and SMBs”
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The What, Why and How of VMware

The VMware infrastructure is the only complete and wholesome virtualization infrastructure that empowers all business enterprises and SMBs to manage, transform, and to optimize their IT setup with the help of gigantic technological innovation – Virtualization. The infrastructure can deliver...


The Why and How of Financial Accounting

The process of recording, summarizing and reporting the multitude of transactions from an enterprise, so as to provide an accurate picture of its financial position and performance is known as financial accounting. The ‘Why’ of Financial Accountancy: 1. Preparation of...


Big Data, Small World!

Big Data is much like an extra marital affair: everyone talks about it, but not many know how to pull it off, everyone knows that everyone they know is doing it, and so, eventually they join the bandwagon. Let us...

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