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4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Mobile Marketing

Update: This article was last updated on 14th Feb 2019 to reflect the accuracy and up-to-date information on the page. Nowadays, mobile phones are almost an extension of the human body. They are slowly taking over all other platforms like local PCs as the medium for connecting to the world. In simple terms, Mobile Marketing is the digital marketing strategy, designed especially for users using mobile devices. As all the eyeballs are fixated on mobile screens, it is proving itself to be one of the most versatile podiums for marketing and advertisements for all kind of businesses. With easily accessible time and ... Read more

Online File Sharing and Collaboration (OFSC) Solutions – What You Need To Know?

Update: This article was last updated on 20th Jan 2020 to reflect the accuracy and up-to-date information on the page. Teamwork is the key to success for any business. A team in the past meant sharing the same office. However, in today’s digital work, people work from different locations across the globe at different times. In such cases having the right tools for communication and collaboration is what will facilitate good teamwork. Research shows that a 20-30% increase in productivity is provided by online collaboration tools and digital workplaces. (Source: McKinsey) The Online File Sharing and Collaboration (OFSC) implies the ... Read more

What Experts Think: Cloud Predictions for 2015

As IT environments progress and companies move their applications to cloud, it’s safe to say that cloud technology has come a long way. Today cloud is solving many issues for both small and big companies. But they still need the assistance of reliable advisers to help them wade through the sea of cloud providers. Whether it is about implementing new security laws for cloud technology, minimizing the usage of business resources or ongoing growth of private players in the cloud market, there are so many assumptions and predictions we can think of. Here are some prominent cloud computing predictions for ... Read more

Predictions for Data Center Industry 2015

Data center industry is continuously growing all over the world and has helped SMBs to get their business processes on cloud successfully. With many new developing markets opening up, data center industry definitely has a strong future. Improved hybrid cloud model, green technology for data center, lower data center density are some of the predictions that will dominate in data center industry in 2015. Let’s explore in detail – 1. Cloud technology: Data center deployments in cloud will provide businesses many benefits. Eliminating on-premise data center saves cost, space, and time. It can be difficult to manage data across different ... Read more

Salesforce for Small Businesses: The Good and The Bad

Salesforce is an application development platform, mainly popular for its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software for various services like marketing and customer service. The CRM helps SMBs to manage their business processes efficiently and help gain new clients. Over the last few years, Salesforce has added many features to its portfolio and helping businesses to manage their existing customers in the best possible way with an enterprise level analytics, reporting, collaboration and other functionalities. Sometimes the advantages and disadvantages of Salesforce are not obvious and are not easy to define. With the help of infographic below, we shall examine strengths ... Read more

Tax Season 2015 – Top 10 Observations and Predictions

With tax season approaching, there are many speculations among accountants and CPAs. IRS made few big changes last year, which changed business dynamics for small businesses. Important points included increased rates for middle class and implementation of strict policies and norms for accountants and CPAs. The infographic below explains some of the observations and predictions for tax season 2015. This tax season is likely to impact the middle and lower taxpayers. Tax extender which lasted for 12 days created some uneasiness among taxpayers. This can also have an impact in tax season 2015. The increment rates during the last tax season ... Read more

QuickBooks on Cloud: Flood of Savings

Update: This article was last updated on 6th Feb 2020 to reflect the accuracy and up-to-date information on the page. QuickBooks, a product of Intuit, is the most preferred accounting solution of accountants and CPAs all around the globe. Being a desktop software, QuickBooks was traditionally used only on local systems that created problems for accountants in respect of its accessibility, usability, backups, and cost. However, with the technological revolution over the past few decades, a better solution has surfaced in the name of cloud technology. QuickBooks cloud hosting means that all your files and data are stored and installed ... Read more

Green Accounting – The Next Big Step for Accountants

Update: This article was last updated on 19th March 2020 to reflect the accuracy and up-to-date information on the page. With the advancement of technology, various software and their hosting methods have evolved over the years. Although the technology has optimized the performance of CPAs and streamlined the accounting process, it has impacted the environment in an unfriendly way. Hence, to mitigate the harmful impact of technology on the environment, more and more emphasis is being laid on the environment surrounding us. Organizations have now started recognizing its importance and formulating steps to promote green and environmental-friendly causes. Green Accounting ... Read more

Green Data Center – Why It Matters?

Update: This article was last updated on 19th Dec 2018 to reflect the accuracy and up-to-date information on the page. Green computing is a hot topic these days and is transforming the way we think about data centers. Businesses need to get serious about deploying green data centers for their processes and how they can save the environment along with reducing the Capital Expenditure (CAPEX). The top metrics for evaluating a data center include aspects such as the strength of security infrastructure, computational power efficiency, and the speed of operation. However, opting for the data center with the right ecosystem has now ... Read more