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7 Benefits of EDR(Endpoint Detection and Response) for Your Organization

The evolution of our workplace has led to increased mobility and ease of operation. At the same time, it has also opened our IT system to more vulnerabilities. The average number of endpoints in an IT system has tremendously increased in the past few years, especially since the pandemic ushered in remote working. Unprotected endpoints are a large attack surface for cyberattacks. Without robust cybersecurity measures, hackers can easily leverage the existing vulnerabilities in your network. Cybercriminals target and attack endpoints for various reasons, such as infecting endpoint devices with ransomware, stealing confidential data, planting bad bots, or carrying out ... Read more

Sage CRM On-Premise vs. Sage CRM Hosting: What Should You Choose?

Despite the emergence of multiple CRMs worldwide, Sage CRM holds the lion’s share. However, the availability of two types of Sage CRM, i.e., Sage CRM Cloud and Sage CRM On-Premises, can often make it challenging to choose the best fit for your business.  In this post, we will compare the two versions, show you the differences, and help you decide which one to opt for your business. Read on!  What do Sage CRM On-Premise and Sage CRM Hosting on Cloud Offer?  If you are new to Sage CRM, you must know what both the Sage CRM solutions offer. From marketing ... Read more

Benefits of DaaS: Why are Managed Desktop as a service Solutions Dominating the SME Market in 2022?

In a world dominated by the hybrid stage, virtualization is the primary driver of digital transformation in enterprises. More and more firms are using or planning to use virtual desktops due to a great number of advantages.  Sooner or later, market watchers anticipate that the DaaS market is going to see healthy growth in the next five years, especially among small-medium enterprises that lack the resources and funds for maintaining backend VDI. Desktop as a Service is a cloud computing offering where the virtual desktops and applications are delivered to end-users and hosted on the provider’s cloud servers. When enterprises ... Read more

3 Key Industries Benefiting from MSSP: BFSI, Healthcare & Retail Sector

When it comes to cyberattacks, the biggest mistake is thinking, “it won’t happen to me.”  The frequency of cybercrimes is rising at an unprecedented rate, with 66% of global companies having experienced cyberattacks in the last year. The attacks have become targeted, sophisticated, and multi-vector. In such a threat landscape, how can you be sure of your safety?  This blog will focus on the top three industries at risk of malicious cyberattacks. If you belong to these industries, you need to pay close attention. If you belong outside these industries, pay more immediate attention because your industry is also on ... Read more

Why Tax Professionals Should Seek a Cloud Platform to Host Their Drake Software?

One of the most popular tax software programs, Drake helps tax professionals accomplish their tax-related tasks efficiently and quickly. Irrespective of the size of your business, the software allows you to stay focused on your core business operations and mitigate any tax-related challenges. Features like built-in forms, multi-state returns, automated data flow, etc., make the software among the most reliable and trusted resources. Although Drake is among the leading tax software programs, its desktop version has some flaws that often create hurdles for tax professionals. For instance, tax professionals cannot perform their tasks if they aren’t physically available on the ... Read more

A Beginner’s Guide to SIEM(Security Incident and Event Management)

Cyberattacks are a persistent threat to any organization’s IT infrastructure worldwide. Organizations constantly strengthen security laws and concentrate on minimizing their security vulnerabilities to maintain safety and keep way ahead of anticipated attackers. Regularly strengthening security is a complex and time-consuming task. Incorporating SIEM software into a security team’s toolset could be one practical step. But what exactly is SIEM, and how does it benefit security for teams? What is SIEM? A security information and event management (SIEM) solution is aimed to collect all information across your business, standardize it to make it accessible, analyze it for irregularities, and then ... Read more

EDR vs SIEM: Which Threat Detection Tools You Need?

Creating a robust cybersecurity infrastructure is a complex process. Many tools and technologies play different but equally essential roles in this system. It can get complicated for someone new in the security landscape to figure out which tool is necessary and which one might not be as required.   Until some years ago, anti-virus and firewalls were adequate defenses. But the recent boom in cybercrimes and evolution of sophisticated tactics mean that a layered approach to security is required. And for a multi-layered, proactive cybersecurity setup, you need the knowledge of advanced cybersecurity tools.  In this blog, let’s discuss two such ... Read more

Desktop As a Service Pricing: Comparing DaaS Cost for Enhanced Business Environment

There’s no denying that cloud desktop technology has evolved in the last few years. In the coming years, the cloud desktop will be pervasive. Desktop as a service (DaaS) has delivered on-demand access, met workforce needs, and enhanced productivity to the users. DaaS technology brings not only technical innovation but also saves enormous costs for businesses.  The modern workforce needs high performance, security, and compliance to access corporate resources from anywhere and anytime. Hence, moving desktops to the cloud also gives firms access to exceptional enterprise data and insights, along with cost-effectiveness.  Improved Productivity + Cost-Saving + Anywhere Anytime Access= ... Read more

Why are CPAs Moving Their QuickBooks to the Cloud?

QuickBooks is one of the most popular accounting software in use today. It is the most widely used accounting solution among CPAs and accounting firms. However, the time has changed the way CPAs use their QuickBooks.  Instead of using it locally, they prefer using it over the cloud. CPAs can choose to deploy their cloud infrastructure or choose a third-party hosting provider. Most CPAs usually go for the latter. It is much more beneficial than deploying the setup. QuickBooks hosting carries various benefits for CPAs. To better understand it, let’s have a detailed analysis:  1.  Access On the Go   Most ... Read more