Last updated on January 13th, 2023

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2020 Review of Ace Cloud Hosting by CPA Practice Advisor

These ratings are decided on multiple factors like features, implementation, etc., and are given by members of the professional accounting community that holds credentials as CPA, EA, NSA.

Based on the above, Ace Cloud Hosting has been given a 5-star rating this year. Ace Cloud Hosting is an application hosting provider and is renowned for offering cloud solutions to diverse industries like accounting, retail, tax, legal, professional services, etc. ACE is also an Intuit authorized commercial host and QuickBooks Solution Provider that can sell genuine QuickBooks licenses to its users.

CPA Practice Advisor reviewed Ace Cloud Hosting this year, and the below factors made Ace Cloud Hosting earn positive reviews:

1. Inuit Authorized

Ace Cloud Hosting has partnered with Intuit as an authorized commercial host under the Intuit Hosting Program (IHP). It is a mark of quality as we are certified by Intuit for offering best-in-class QuickBooks hosting services and sell genuine QuickBooks licenses at a discounted price.

We are also a QuickBooks Solution Provider, which authorized us to sell genuine Intuit products to the customers, along with QuickBooks licenses.

2. QuickBooks Hosting

Ace Cloud Hosting provides a fully functional QuickBooks desktop on the cloud in a highly secure and robust environment. Professionals can access their accounting process anytime and anywhere on the cloud and can host any QuickBooks version- Pro, Premier, Enterprise, and Desktop Accountant.

Customers can also opt for a QuickBooks server with dedicated resources, so you can run multiple applications simultaneously on a High-Performance Computing environment.

3. CPA Hosting

Ace Cloud Hosting offers a private cloud workspace with unlimited cloud storage wherein accounting professionals can host any number of applications with multiple add-ons such as Avalara, Accounting CS, AccountantsWorld, etc. I n addition to these, other applications are also available for eCommerce, point of sale, inventory management, etc.  

The CPAs can scale their cloud solution according to the changing business needs without having to alter the existing local IT infrastructure.

4. Industry-Specific Solutions

Ace Cloud Hosting offers tailor-made cloud solutions to diverse industry types such as accounting, retail, construction, tax industry, non-profits, legal, education, and professional. You can customize and configure the cloud solution according to the business requirements.

With our industry-specific solutions, you gain the flexibility to access your application remotely from any Internet-connected device, such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Save time on deploying and maintaining the local IT infrastructure with our managed cloud solutions.

5. Sage Application Hosting

Ace Cloud Hosting offers automated, scalable, and advanced Sage hosting solutions that meet the requirements of every business operation, be it tax-related business, construction, or accounting business.

You can host a variety of Sage Software applications like Sage 50, Sage 100, and Sage 300 on our cloud that will have the same local Sage application features but with added advantages of cloud – easy collaboration, remote access, scalability, security, and more. Ace Cloud Hosting ensures that the businesses are run smoothly with consistency with our SLA guaranteed 99.999% uptime.

6. VDI Solutions

Ace Cloud Hosting offers VDI-based fully managed virtual desktop solutions. The virtual desktops are made accessible on your personal devices (smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc.) anytime and from anywhere. Depending on the demand of the business, you can even choose the configuration based on the current needs and pay as per usage.

Some of the VDI services we offer are Desktop-as-a-Service, Workspace-as-a-Service, Hosted Virtual Desktop, along with Managed VMware Horizon Desktops and Managed Citrix Desktops.

Ace Cloud Hosting ensures data availability and data backup up to 30 days, optimum security with multi-factor authentication for secure desktop access, and more. You can continue your business even at the time of disasters uninterrupted with our multi-redundant infrastructure. We also take care of the software installation, regular updates, desktop provisioning, and management.

7. 99.999% Uptime

Ace Cloud Hosting offers a 99.999% uptime guarantee so that your business is available every time without any interruption. With our multi-redundant infrastructure and fault-tolerant systems, we ensure no downtime, even during any maintenance activity or in the event of a disaster.

8. Round-the-clock Support

Ace Cloud Hosting has a team of cloud experts that extend their support round the clock. You can get in touch with our cloud solutions consultants via emails, chats, or phone calls anytime you face any product or cloud-related issues. Get instant answers to your queries with effective resolution.

9. Availability of Resources

Valuable resources for end-users are available on our ACE website from where you can download and read whitepapers, e-books, events, newsletters, infographics for free to get better insights into cloud computing, VDI, private server, QuickBooks, etc.

We also offer extensive knowledgebase related to cloud security, troubleshooting, and best practices.

10. Plans & Pricing

Ace Cloud Hosting also offers a 1-Month free hosting trial for new customers so that you get familiar with the cloud environment. Each plan is bifurcated to premium, standard, basic, business plans and is based on the type of service a user has subscribed to. Ace Cloud Hosting offers flexibility to the users to change the pricing plans anytime according to their needs.

We also come up with special offers for our customers on a regular basis and offer customized cloud services at the best prices.

Ace Cloud Hosting will continue to satisfy the requirements of their clients and achieve miles in the area of expertise.

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