The success of a company hinges mainly on strong client relationships, especially for small and medium businesses. Client meetings are a great way to build trust and healthy relationship for long term. If done well, such meetings can be a great mean to your business.

One should not make the mistake of assuming that a relationship is good simply because there have been no complaints yet. Before approaching a new client, it’s important to assess how things have gone so far and they can be improved.

You have to organize and undertake possibly some of the essential practices such as preliminary analysis of client’s requirements, client’s vision, pitching prices, affordable technology, etc. to gain the client’s trust and accomplishing a successful business and personal relationship.

If you are going for a meeting with a new client, check out this handy checklist of six rules, illustrated in the infographic below. Every new client is going to be different, but these general rules would help you to win over the client.

6 Things to Remember Before Taking on a New Client Infographic

These tips will help you develop a better business relationship moving forward.

1. Know your client: Always do some research about the client before meeting them. Clients will find you capable and trustworthy if you can show them that you are aware of their business or project.

2. Know your client’s vision: Understanding the client’s vision is one of the best ways to know your clients. Try finding out where they want to be and what’s keeping them from reaching there.

3. Create reference points: The ability to explain things effectively and clearly can help you develop engagement with the client. Make sure you explain everything to the clients in simple terms. You can make use of graphs, examples or images.

4. Cross questioning: Meeting with a prospective client is an opportunity to fully understand their needs. Don’t be scared to ask questions and take notes which you can refer in future.

5. Inherit new technology: Explain to the prospective client how using the latest technology such as automation, cloud hosting of accounting software such as QuickBooks, etc. can maximize the productivity of their business.

6. Pitch affordable prices: Everyone needs a client base to be successful. And to sustain in the market, you should pitch affordable prices to the clients.

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