Accounting is an essential part of small businesses. Rare are the chances that your accountant commits a mistake. However, human errors are unavoidable. Sometimes certain accounting mistakes which seem to be small can actually stunt growth of the company or adversely influence the bottom line, obstruct cash flow, damage reputations with clients and employees.

Thus, having accurate accounting isn’t optional when it comes to running a firm, and all the methods need to be correct to have a profitable business. Here is an infographic listing the six of the most common accounting mistakes that small businesses should avoid to ensure that their businesses run fighting fit.

6 Accounting Mistakes Small Businesses Should Avoid Infographic

Let’s explore in detail –

1. Managing everything yourself: Since you are managing a growing firm, you cannot do it all yourself. Your business needs your attention to grow. So, it makes more sense to hire a professional to handle all the accounts of the company.

2. Choosing inappropriate methods: Seeking out for cheapest options to save expenses can end up costing your business more in the long run. Sometimes, you need to spend a little extra to get the quality work done.

3. Understating the psyche: Cash flow and profit are not the same. It is important to understand how cash inflow and outflow work to get a clear sense of the situation your firm is in.

4. Mixing different dimensions: Having separate personal and business accounts is important for pain-free accounting. The first step when opening a business should be to open a bank account. All business expenses should be run through this account only.

5. Using outdated technology: Using updated technology such as cloud accounting not only speeds up the accounting process but also lowers the business cost. If you’re not leveraging latest technology, you may be at a disadvantage when compared to competitors.

6. Not backing up the data: It is essential to back up your company’s accounting software regularly. If your accounting software is hosted on the cloud, the cloud providers ensure that there is a regular back up of all your accounting data.


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