Internet and the developing technology together play a crucial role in building a secure cloud network. Accounting is the game of financial numbers and thus requires great attention. In this situation, IT errors while using the QuickBooks accounting software can be frustrating and may kill a considerable amount of time and effort and still, the chances of problem resolution without proper IT help are a bare minimum.

4 Biggest Reasons for Considering QuickBooks Cloud Hosting for Financial Management

QuickBooks Hosting is a new initiative towards building a better accounting environment. ‘Hosting or desktop version of QuickBooks’ is the biggest question in mind. Know the differences well before making a choice.

1. Limitations on the use of QuickBooks

Using desktop version of QuickBooks limits an individual to his computer and no matter what important work he has, he will have to return to his computer to continue with his operations. The use of hosting QuickBooks on a remote server provides a new edge to the accounting operations that can be performed with this software.

All IT hassles are eliminated while using remote accounting. Small businesses using the desktop version of QB might not be able to set up a hosted environment with a centralized database. Hosting, on the other hand, makes it possible for the users to have a centralized database holding QB data files to be accessed by a number of accountants simultaneously.

2. Product and Data Ownership & Responsibility

While using the desktop version of QuickBooks, the users are responsible for ensuring the security of data and files associated with the software. In a single computer environment, any acquaintance or someone with evil intention can easily break into your system and get access to your data.

Even if you set up a data center, there are a lot of security measures that have to be implemented and incur a lot of cost which makes it infeasible for the small business organizations. QuickBooks hosting is a good option here. The application and data are hosted on the remote servers of the providers.

The clients have to provide license information for installation and they can use the services in a hassle-free manner. The service provider ensures complete protection of data through physical and virtual security.

3. Availability of data and applications

The problems of availability may be faced by users of both QB desktop and QuickBooks hosting. However, the type of problems and the resolution may be different. Your computer can crash at any instant and practically, it is impossible to have the data in the updated state.

The data can be recovered through some professional but the work will hamper till it is done. In the case of hosting, the service providers save the data on various remote locations. In case of any catastrophic or non-catastrophic mishap, the data can be recovered from a separate location and there will be little or no inconvenience or delay. Besides, data remains safe all the time.

4. Independence in accounting operations

With desktop versions, accountants can simply figure themselves as sitting on their desks and performing the hefty task of maintaining balance sheets and other financial statements. They cannot even imagine going out of a certain range since they have all their data on their desktop computer.

Moreover, they have to upload the files at regular intervals for their clients to see and the clients have to download the files for review of the work completed. With hosting, the accountants and clients can both work as per their free will.

There can be a centralized database holding the files on a remote server that can be accessed through any device that supports internet connection. So, even when on the go, the accountants can continue with any financial operation thereby seeking more value for their time.

Cloud has a lot of benefits to offer. Desktop accounting is undoubtedly good for the accounts professionals to manage but the cloud has made it even better. Hosting on a remote server with flawless access can really make it easy for the users to manage all their operations without any hassles.

On account of the needs of small business organizations and individual professionals, hosting offers a high-end solution suiting even the most intense accounting needs.

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