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Application Hosting

Cut The Clutter And Access Your Applications Anywhere, Anytime.

Application Hosting is a perfect solution for those businesses that want to run their operations with cost effectiveness in their agenda. It ensures that your application run without hassles on the secure third-party servers to deliver a performance better than locally installed ones.


Ace Cloud Hosting assures always running applications on the server which helps you to achieve following:

Data Sharing

Work with your clients who are thousand miles away. Authenticate colleagues to get authorized access to the data and applications stored on the cloud, so that they can work with you and co-ordinate effectively without compromising on the confidentiality of the applications and data.

Application access from Anywhere

AceCloudHosting helps clients overcome hassles by hosting their application such as QuickBooks, Drake Software etc. on a virtual server which is accessible from anywhere at anytime. So frequent travel now can not keep you away from your work.

Concentrate on Your Core Business

Now when your applications are been managed by Ace Cloud Hosting, you can focus on your core business rather than worrying about application and infrastructure. Probability of getting higher revenue increases once you concentrate on your core operations.

Data Backup

Have deleted some important data by mistake? Don’t worry then. Ace Cloud Hosting provides 30 days free data backup, so even in case you lost your data on the hosted application, you can get it restored, just contact us.

Reduction in Operation Cost

Application Hosting services reduce the cost of operations as one is not required to invest into the local infrastructure and the employees to maintain it. It reduces the cost of operations remarkably.

Always Available Expertise

Since we provide 24*7 customer services, you are not required to hire technician to maintain the data. The services assures that you will not miss your local experts as expertise is only one call away, no matter where you are.



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