7 Movies Accountants Must Watch in 2020

Movies can be an entertaining way for accountants. Here is a list of top 7 movies from various genres that accountants must watch.

This Academy Award-winning movie by Charles Ferguson is a documentary on the financial crisis of 2008. It is a detailed examination of the circumstances that led to the slowdown of the economy due to which millions of US citizens lost their jobs and houses. This documentary covers not only the financial condition of the US but many other countries such as China, and Iceland that were impacted by this global recession.

This all-time classic movie by Frank Darabont is the story of an accountant, Andy Dufresne, who gets falsely caught in the murder of his wife and her lover. The movie shows how he tries to save himself from the brutal prison life by using his financial knowledge.

This drama movie by Brian De Palma is an inspiration for accountants to fight against illegal activities. It revolves around a team of accountants that exposed a famous gangster Al Capone and put him behind bars for tax evasion. The FBI agent Oscar Wallace is also an accountant who plays a major role in catching the criminal.

This entertainment-packed drama movie by Gavin O’Connor revolves around the life of an accountant- Christian Wolff, who works for illegal companies and helps them manipulate their financial records. When caught by the FBI, he takes up other legitimate clients to outsmart the FBI.

This drama movie by Michael Mann revolves around the working of a company – Brown and Williamson Tobacco Company. It gives an insight into the company’s functionality and its politics. This movie shows how accountants have to make certain tough choices within the company and is a reminder for them always to make the right decision, even when it’s not the best thing to do.

This documentary by Danny Schechter is an insight into the American economy. It covers the economic and political policies that transformed the US economy, from manufacturing to being dependant on borrowed money and time, which eventually led to massive debt. The movie also shows the long-term effects of this debt that might lead to the collapse of the entire economy. It is a must-watch documentary for accountants that will help them learn about the borrowing and debt cycle from a real-life example.

This film series by Martin Brest is the story of a furious hunter named Jack Walsh chasing his accountant – Jonathan Mardukas, who not just stole $15 million from him, but also skipped out on a $450,000 bail posted for him. The entire movie is a chase between the two in a comical way. And in the end, both of them end in a much better position from where they started.

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