How Accountants Can Prepare Against Coronavirus in This Busy Tax Season

Learn how CPAs and other accounting professionals can stay safe during COVID-19 and do their work in this busy tax season.

1) Avoiding close contact with people and, most importantly, large gatherings like parties and social events as far as possible. One doesn’t know about the travel history of the individuals.

2) Maintaining good personal hygiene should be a top priority. Washing hands at regular intervals and keeping an alcohol-based sanitizer that contains at least 60-95% alcohol handy at all times. Clean hands will have the least chances to catch the virus. Make sure adequate supplies of the same are maintained.

3) If having symptoms like acute respiratory disorder, high fever, or headache for at least 24 hours (most common symptoms), he/she should be recommended to stay home, seek medical help, and share the travel history with the health specialist. They should cover their nose and face with a handkerchief or mask if possible.

4) The cleaning department should regularly sanitize the frequently touched platforms in the office, such as workstations, lift buttons, and biometric screens. Use and throw wipes for cleaning the keyboard, mouse and mobile screens should be provided.

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